Suggestions for Flavored Cigars

Suggestions for Flavored Cigars

Flavored Cigars have existed for a long period of time now, however not the superior handmade type that have become popular over the past few years. A lot of flavors like Irish Cream, Rum, Peach, Amaretto and a lot of other flavors are in the present day being filled in premium cigars in order to yield a different type of smoking experience. Before discussion further, let us first understand how flavored cigars should be stored. In contrast to machine made cigars which have preservatives, cigars that are handmade will become dry if not stored properly (ideally in a humidor). On the other hand, flavored cigars must not be stored in the same humidor in which other premium handmade cigars store, because there is a possibility of other cigars soaking up the artificial flavors. The best thing to do is not to take out the tubes, cellophane or other wrapping from the flavored cigars ahead of storing them in another humidor, or in a Tupperware container together with a damp towel or sponge. But make sure the water does not touch the cigar. Flavored cigars do not get better by aging them inside a humidor contrary to natural cigars. They may in fact lose their flavor with the passage of time. The reason behind why flavored cigars should be stored in a humidor or any other container is to preserve and protect them and not age them. Furthermore, do not store flavored cigars with other cigars in a common humidor, even though you do not take of the packing.

The best way to try flavored cigars is purchasing only a small number of them or Cigar Samplers during any one period. Through this way, separate and temporary storage of a small number of cigars will not cause a problem. If your intention is to purchase only a few cigars with the intention of smoking them within a couple of days, in this case the cigars are not required to be stored in any humidor and will be okay if they are kept in their original packing. Conversely, if you discover a flavored cigar that you have really liked so much that you want to purchase a complete box, then you must think of buying a second humidor for storing the flavored cigars.

Flavored cigars are not normally recommended for cigar novices, but as sporadic treats to frequent cigar smokers who wish to try something new. But then again, if you are a fairly new cigar smoker and you have not developed a fondness for cigars, then perhaps you could consider trying a flavored cigar instead of not trying it at all. To try which flavored cigar completely depends on the individual’s taste and also differs from person to person. You can attempt different flavors and figure out which flavor you like. Once you have developed a liking for flavored cigars, then only you should buy the whole box of cigars. And there are quite a number of online stores that have Cigars Boxes Sale from where you can purchase your favorite flavored cigars.

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