The Basic Flavors in Cigar Tobacco

A cigar smoker who is new to the world of cigars might not be familiar with the terms natural flavors and artificial tobacco flavors. At the very least, these terms can in fact confuse beginners. If you are a firsthand cigar smoker who wishes to gain some more information on cigars and wants to comprehend the actual meaning of these terms, then read on and all your doubts will be cleared. First of all, let us understand by what are natural tobacco flavors and artificial flavors. Natural tobacco flavored cigars contain 100% tobacco whereas artificially flavored cigars do not contain 100 percent tobacco.

They are composed of other components as well. Once you have finished smoking a couple of distinct cigars, you will promptly find out that not all tobacco of cigars tastes alike. The main distinction you will become aware of is that certain cigars are stronger or fuller than other cigars. Then, it is the degree of strength of the tobacco that matters that can be in the following sequence from strongest to mildest: super full or extra, full, medium to full, medium, mild to medium and mild. These terminologies are used to express the strength of the cigar flavors and besides also the richness of the burn and the quantity of nicotine.

After smoking an assortment of various cigars and as your taste progresses further, then you will start to perceive or distinguish diverse flavors in a number of cigars. On the word of some cigar makers, there are merely 4 basic cigar tastes and these are: Sweet, Salty, Bitter and Acid. Different tobaccos can be combined together in different quantities to get a number of added Flavored cigars. And while you carry on smoking a range of cigars for quite a lot of years, you’ll slowly begin to spot an increasing number of fine differences amid various cigars. Though, it is rather hard to explain these dissimilarities to other people, particularly as other persons might be unable to notice the same subtle tastes just like you. Therefore, this is why certain cigar reviewers make use of an amalgamation of various terms like caramel, leather, and cocoa to try to refine their specification in order to make them as clear-cut as possible.

Do not lose sleep if you are not able to taste any or all of the cigar flavors that are expected to be in any cigar. The ultimate thing is that whether you enjoy the cigars such as the Gurkha Cigars and Ashton Cigars or don’t.

When you just arrive at a position where you would understand what flavor cigar you fancy and would also be able to figure out that mild to medium ones are a little sweet and have a trace of spice, then we can say that you have enough knowledge on which cigars to purchase and try and which ones to evade. Lest your objective is to be a prominent cigar admirer or, then you should not be concerned about a few of those unusual terms used to explain very fine flavor traces that hardly any smokers can differentiate. And if you have just started exploring the world of cigars, then it is recommended that you start with milder cigars.

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