The Right Way to Smoke a Cigar

There are many discount cigars for sale available and by now you might have purchased them. The next step is to learn smoking cigars in a right way. Smoking a cigar needs to be done in the right way otherwise you could end up having a bad experience. In order to help you in this attempt, read on the following points that will help you to smoke a cigar in a proper way before you purchase a cigar from a cigars shop:

  • Holding a Cigar: A cigar should never be held between the index and the middle finger similar to a cigarette. The right way to hold it is between the thumb and the index finger. Taking off the cigar band is a matter of personal preference. If you want to remove it, then wait till the cigar has been smoked for a couple of minutes. It will be easier to get rid of the band without ripping the wrapper as the glue of the band would have got heated.
  • Right method of lighting up a cigar: The cigar can be ignited with matches or a lighter. The key is to not rush to light the cigar. Be patient. Grip your cigar horizontally and touch the flame. Turn around the flame nearby the cigar’s foot till it begins to burn. Next puff gently. Ensure the burn is even so that on the side does not burn quicker than the other. Make sure you exhale softly over the open end to ensure systematic combustion.
  • Inhaling the smoke when smoking cigars: Never ever inhale the smoke of the cigar. The alkalinity and meager nicotine quantity can make a person cough. Moreover, the cigar’s body and flavored can be enjoyed without inhaling.
  • Duration of smoking a cigar: In order to value a cigar fully, strive to smoke leisurely and don’t draw very often, otherwise the cigar will heat up and the taste will get spoilt. Take around one puff per minute. Smoking corona cigars can take round 1.5 hours. The bigger ones like Double Corona and Churchill takes in excess of one hour to smoke.
  • What to do when a cigar discontinues burning? This is a typical thing that happens and particularly if one has smoked over half of the cigar. Therefore, no need to worry about it. Afterwards, exhale so that the cold smoke gets chased out. Then light the cigar just like you do it with a brand new one. This way, you will be able to smoke the cigar till 2 hours once you have extinguished it. After 2 hours the entire cigar would have got the taste of cold smoke. Usually, you can smoke the longest cigars, the day after provided you have smoked not more than half of it.
  • It’s not good to shake the cigar ash: The reason for this is a good cigar will have longer ash. It is good to keep a balance. You should not shake your cigars in order to have the ash fall hastily nor should you keep it for too long as it blocks the airflow. Because of this the combustion could become irregular.
  • Putting down the cigar: Put the cigar off when the cigar starts giving excess heat and causes an aftertaste. The way to do is to allow the cigar to stop glowing by itself and then throw it immediately.
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