Three Economical but Tasty Pipe Tobacco Brands

Pipe tobacco is available in just about every taste under the sun and you’ll find consistent pricing across most major brands – they are all acutely aware of each other’s pricing, which works out in a pipe tobacco smokers favor. But you will find some variances in the flavor, texture and tobacco sources among the major brands and here are three standout best pipe tobacco brands we recommend and by the way all have consistent great customer reviews published here on our site. Cherokee Pipe Tobacco has always been know for producing a good product at an excellent price.They are not an upmarket pipe tobacco brand; but there is no better pipe tobacco on the market at their price point. Most Cherokee Pipe Tobacco is made with flue-cured Virginia and air cured Burleys. Cherokee Pipe Tobacco is known for burning a bit on the hot side; but, if you are accustomed to smoking traditional cigarettes you won’t notice much difference when you are smoking Cherokee Pipe Tobacco and it comes in a number of blends:
  • Cherokee Blue Pipe Tobacco which has a more mellow taste and smoking experience.
  • Cherokee Ultra Silver Blend: has a natural full flavored taste.
  • Cherokee Full Flavored: has a bit more full bodied flavor.
  • Cherokee Menthol Pipe Tobacco: if you taste runs to menthol this is a great blend.
  • Cherokee Turkish Pipe Tobacco: more of an exotic taste.
Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco is known for being an all natural, good smoking pipe tobacco that’s aggressively priced, with a bold taste that won’t knock your socks off but has enough taste to satisfy any RYO lifestyle smoker. It’s a tasty pipe tobacco, full of flavor that won’t overwhelm your senses.

Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco Comes in these Great Tasty Flavors

  • Red: Kentucky Select Red Tobacco has a bold, full flavor taste that satisfies your tastes but doesn’t overwhelm you.
  • Gold – Kentucky Select Gold Tobacco has a smooth mellow flavor that is not overpowering.
  • Blue – Kentucky Select Blue Tobacco has a light, menthol taste that is not as strong as their “Green Pipe Tobacco”
  • Green – Kentucky Select Green Tobacco delivers a sharp, minty taste of menthol.
  • Silver – Kentucky Select Silver Tobacco has a lighter, extra smooth taste.
Captain Black Pipe Tobacco is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality pipe tobacco, have been manufacturing a good tobacco product for over thirty years, using tobacco blends that have a lot of flavor. Captain Black are known for making an aromatic blend and it comes in cans or pouches. Captain Black comes in these great flavors: Captain Black, White, Royal Pipe Tobacco, Gold, Black Cherry, Light or Dark pipe tobacco.

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