Tips on How to Smoke a Cigar

Are you a novice in cigar smoking and wish to learn more about smoking cigars? These days buying cigars is not a tough task. There are many cigar shops and online cigar stores that sell flavored cigars and other cigars. And if you are new to cigar smoking, you could always try cigar samplers first. However, it is beneficial to have the knowledge of smoking like which end of the cigar should be lit and which end should be smoked from. Here are some tips on how to smoke a cigar like a professional and start enjoying its aromas. The initial thing you should do is to cut the cigar’s sealed end. And this is where you smoke from. Cut about one sixteenth or one eighth of an inch off the end. The best cutter to cut a cigar is the Guillotine one and make sure you don’t cut the body of the cigar unless if you need the wrapper to fall apart. If you do not have any tools to cut the cigar, you could use your teeth to cut the tip. Whichever tool you use, do not attempt this with a first-rate cigar. It is very much possible that it will disintegrate, and that large portion of change you put down will not go off in a cloud of smoke. Grasp a lighter with one hand and the cigar in the other and place the cigar in mouth, and put the end over the flame. Be watchful to not put the cigars end straight to the fire. Carry on puffing the cigar and at the same time moving it above the flame till you gain a constant burn and a fine draw.

 Make sure you utilize wooden match or butane lighter at all times instead of gas because the gas badly affects the cigar’s taste. And if you are particularly feeling high and mighty, use a cedar spill so as to ignite your cigar. And if you do use this thin and long piece of Spanish cedar, the only rule you should follow is to while smoking cigars is not to inhale the smoke. Just draw smoke and take pleasure in the flavor. Enjoy your cigar leisurely while giving enough time to smoke the cigar. Take a puff around every minute. If you attempt to smoke faster you will damage its flavor. Take an hour or so to complete your cigar. Always remember cigar smoking is intended to be a leisurely experience. Hold down and enjoy it with your favorite glass of spirit at the cigar store. You can also enjoy a cigar filter if you wish.

 There are some tips you should follow before purchasing a cigar. For example, the cigar must not be very soft. If the cigar is very soft, then it means that it has been over-humidified. The cigar must not be delicate or too dry. This indicates that the cigar is under-humidified. Though certain people like cigars that are under-humidified, it is best to avoid unless you wish to experiment. Cigars having mold should be discarded.

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