Cigar and RYO Tobacco Smokers Rights

No morel should cigar or RYO tobacco smokers feel like second class citizens in this age of anything and everything goes. If you are smoking a premium cigar out and about with your significant other you should be sensitive to others but smoking a cigar is not a crime by any means. Ten smokers rights we advocate here at Windy City Cigars! 

If you are smoking RYO rolling tobacco responsibly you are cool. Meaning be sensitive to others around you and smoke when/where you responsibly. Yes, some do not like RYO tobacco smokers but as long as you are sensitive to these folks and you aren’t smoking when/where it’s a problem you are all good to go. 

Cigar smokers take note – remember you are using a product that some consider offensive; certainly not all and many folks think cigar smoke is something that smells great. But, like RYO tobacco smokers, a cigar aficionado should be mindful of their surroundings; i.e. who is around you, where you are geographically and tastes of others in proximity. 

Great food should be accompanied by and with a fine tasting cigar. So, if you are eating a great sushi meal or having a deep dish Chicago pizza (our favorite here at Windy City Cigars) your all good with whipping out a fine tasting cigar that complements a subtle tasting dinner. 


Be aware California’s anti-smoking lobby is a bit more aggressive than any state in the Union. They are trying to tax cigar smokers and RYO tobacco users with draconian measures that may inhibit some. So, if you are in the great state of California and firing up a cigarette of favorite RYO Tobacco blend while you are just passing through you should be mindful of what’s going on. Be aware some think this anti-smoking bill is Draconian and should be fought when/where possible. 

What we are advocating in this blog post is smart tobacco usage! There’s nothing wrong with smoking and as long as you are smart and sensitive to where you are and who you are with you are all good to go. 

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