Six Flavorful Machine Made Cigars of Tobacco Goodness

Let’s face it some days you want to whip out a cigar and you don’t want to belly up to the bar and spend an arm and a leg on a premium cigar. You want something tasty but not too expensive; enter today’s flavorful machine made cigars using loose tobacco.

In the last ten years we’ve sold truckloads of machine made cigars and answered thousands of questions about them. So, we have some perspective on these types of cigars – here is our short list of ten flavorful machine made cigars.

Let’s start with the awesome Blackstone Cigars, made by Swisher Sweets. These flavor rich machine made cigars come in Cherry Tip or Vanilla flavors, they have a mild not too harsh taste, come ready to smoke with a plastic tip and come in hand 20/5 packs of machine made cigar goodness.

  • Reviews on our site underscore the quality of the product: both the vanilla and cherry tastes don’t overpower the natural tobacco taste.

Middleton’s Black and Mild Cigars have been a top selling here at Windy City Cigars for years. Black and Mild cigars are made with broad-cug black Cavendish, Burley and sweet Virginia tobaccos.

They smoke great, have a plastic tip for convenience, come in a wide variety of flavors: cherry, wine wood, apple, cream, gold and mild and you can even get a pack with a wood tip. We sell them in 10/5 packs and we never ever sell anything at full retail prices so check out our prices on Black and Mild Cigars.

Hava-Tampa-Jewels Machine Made cigars are probably the best know brand of machine made cigars in the world. For good reason, these cigars have manufactured since 1902 when Tampa Florida was known as “cigar city.”

These machine made cigars are mild, sweet but not too sweet, each one includes a birchwood tip not “generic” wood like some of their low cost competitors and come in their standard flavors and also vanilla, we sell Hav-a-Tampa-Jewels in 10/5 packs or a box of fifty of these little beauties.

Hav-A-Tampa Cigar Factory

No review or recommendation of flavorful machine made cigars could be done without including Swisher Sweets Machine Made Cigars.   Every day millions of cigar smokers fire up a Swisher Sweet, it’s a great product, well made, Swisher uses good quality tobacco and prices each box of these cigars so they are market competitive.

You have a lot of choices when you smoke Swisher Sweets: blunts (yes!), BLK Tip, strawberry, grape, white grape, chocolate (live large and check these out), wild rush. We sell them in 20/6, foil pouches, pack of 15 and by the box and if you are looking for a deal on Swisher Sweets Cigars don’t forget our buy one get one free promotion.

White Owl Machine Made Cigars are another machine made cigar that have a rich history and tradition going back to the late 1800’s, each cigar has a sheet type of wrapper and a binder encasing the filler tobacco blend.You can get a White Owl Cigar in Peach, Regular or White Grape flavors.

  • They smoke mild, are very low cost and deliver a lot of value for what you are paying. Just a good middle of the road machine made cigar.

man smoking machine made cigar

AYC Grenadier Cigars are made by the stellar tobacco brand, Antonio y Cleopatra (who make an awesome pipe tobacco product too). These are a great manufactured cigar with attention to detail in all facets of the manufacturing process: the filler tobaccos are Cuban seed and encased in natural leaf wrappers:

AYC Grenadier will exceed all of your taste expectations, smoke great, burn evenly, have a rich tobacco flavor that won’t blow you out of the weeds, mild enough for just about any cigar smoker, come in four key flavors, Mints, Darks, Whiffs and even Minis. We sell them by the box, 5/5 or 5/6 packs or 10/6.

No recommendations for “flavorful machine made cigars” would be complete unless we include the Al Capone Cigars!  Named after the legendary Chicago mob boss, these are a tasty delicious smoke good for just about any occasion.

  • These machine made sticks are short and sweet too (compact), made with a blend of tobacco from one of three regions in Nicaragua, made with Bahia or Candela or Indonesian wrappers. If you are in a rush and you want to smoke a cigar quickly this is your best choice; they come in Sweet Cognac, Rum dipped or Standard flavors. Highly recommended; lots of taste and they smoke like a $100 Cuban Made stick just flown in from Cuba in first class.

So that’s our list of six flavorful machine made cigars. Please note we sell over 2,500 products here at Windy City Cigars including 30-50 top tier machine made cigar brands, pipe tobacco (all popular brands), rolling machines (manual and electric), specialized smoke eating candles and sprays and even lighters.

Thank you for stopping by and please let us know how we can earn your trust and business – we’ve built this business providing excellence in customer service the last ten years. We are RYO tobacco friendly folks!

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