Use a Humidor to Maintain Your Precious Cigars

For cigar fans, nothing is more annoying than having their stogies for which they paid a big amount, get damaged before they smoke them. The two major reasons normally why cigars turn bad are: First you haven’t bought a humidor to store your favored smokes like the Punch Cigars and the other reason is even if by now you have purchased a humidor, you are not maintaining it at the ideal humidity or temperature. This should not take place. Therefore, here are some uncomplicated yet useful tips that will help to have your humidor properly regulated. If you have not yet procured a humidor, then you should without delay go and buy one because storing premium cigars such as Montecristo Cigars in a Ziploc bag in a coolidor will not be able to deal with problems satisfactorily for a long time except if you are making it operative. Coolidor is just an option. So, you required a good humidor, and then you have to make it function in a proper way so it looks after your valuable stogies.

A suitable humidor helps you immensely in keeping your stogies fresh and also equipped to smoke. You need to take care of your humidor suitably and by doing this they will continue to make your stogies taste wonderful. Moreover, it will advance the process of aging. And if you pay no heed to proper care of your humidor, then you will face many problems and damage your smokes. Upkeep of the humidor is easy, when you learn how to do it. Try to spend some time every week on maintaining your humidor and this will really yield profits because your humidor will preserve your valued cigars in an impeccable manner.

The standard temperature for cigars is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity in the range of 60 to 72 percent (these can differ a bit depending on your own liking). It could be easy if your home temperature was constant during the entire year, but this is not going to take place. Therefore, you will have to keep a constant watch on what is happening in the humidor. The reason why this is the perfect temperature is due to the fact that cigars are created from tobacco and moreover, the kind of tobacco that creates excellent smokes is grown in equatorial and tropical countries such as the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua and Honduras. This signifies, the tobacco leaves were cultivated in an environment of continuous 70 to 80 percent humidity. After the tobacco is created into cigars, they will require similar humidity levels so as to retain their freshness. In case, even if the humidor’s humidity fluctuates by 5%, it will spoil the cigars by influencing the oils of the wrapper and making the tobacco to crack and deteriorate. To conclude, after purchasing your smokes at best cigar deals, ensure that you store them in a humidor to avoid ruining them.

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