What is Little & Filtered Cigars?

Many people are curious to know what Filtered and Little Cigars are. Whether they are the same or there is a difference between them? Let us throw some light on this. First of all, one think is a fact that Filtered Cigars and Little Cigars are as different as chalk and cheese.

 A little cigar is also known miniatures or small cigars. They are considerably different from regular cigars. A little cigar weighs lesser than cigarillos and cigars, in fact less than 3 lbs. A little cigar is a slim and narrow cigar and bears a resemblance to cigarettes. It is similar to a cigarette in terms of shape, size, and packaging. It also normally has a filter as a cigarette. Just like cigarettes, little cigars are available in cartons and actually resemble cigarettes. However, the distinction is that these little cigars are made of 100% tobacco without any additives unlike cigarettes which also contain chemicals. A little cigar or small cigar is wrapped in brown paper that is tobacco based unlike a cigarette, which is wrapped in white paper. Little cigars have existed for about more than 100 years and are attainable in various brands, flavors, sizes and types. The sales of little cigars increased fourfold in the USA from the years 1971 to 1973 as airing cigarette advertisements was banned and was compulsory to indicate stronger health cautions on cigarette packets. However, Cigars were excused from the ban and more significantly, were taxed at a much lower value. Little cigars are at times known as “cigarettes in disguise” and failed attempts were made to categorize them as cigarettes. Sales of little cigars touched record high in the United States in the year 2006, driven highly due to their loophole in taxation.

 Filtered Cigars are pretty new and haven’t been around for a long time. Filtered Cigars are rather distinctive as they cost much lesser and on top of that provide you a bigger smoke. Some famous filtered cigars that you can get are Cheyenne Filtered Cigars and OHM Filtered Cigars. These cigars are also available in different flavors like Strawberry, Menthol, Red and many others. Filtered Cigars contain tobacco that is aged or fermented or both with the purpose to permeate the tobacco with assorted flavors. Filtered cigars by and large include tobacco of around one gram. They offer a similar experience of smoking as old-style premium cigars. Both little cigars and filtered cigars can be acquired at cigar stores and smoke shops. However, the prices will differ from state to state because of the different tax regulations. Little Cigars are more costly than Filtered Cigars because of their weight and size. Regarding which cigar you should go for, try ordering a sample initially like Rocky Patel Edge Cigar Sampler so that you can find out which cigars you prefer smoking before buying a whole packet or carton.

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