What Makes a Cigar Enjoyable ?

Whatever type of cigar you like, be it Filtered Cigars, little cigars or any other, have you ever wondered what makes a Cigar good? Is flavor of the cigar the core factor in ascertaining the quality of a cigar and determining the goodness of a cigar? There are other features, for instance a cigar’s structure, nicotine content or strength, burn, draw, appearance, feel etc. that also add to the general pleasure of smoking a cigar, however most of the cigar fans believe flavor of cigar to be the most significant factor. On the other hand, there are a lot of features of flavors that need additional consideration. For example, we should not only take into consideration different flavors and tastes in cigars like pepper, spice, salt, sweetness etc. but also the intensity, smoothness, fullness and texture of the smoke that have an impact on the overall flavor. Another important aspect that has an influence on taste to a number of cigar smokers is the coolness of smoke. And if this is the position, then think about smoking cigars with bigger ring gauges. Moreover, aroma plays an important role in enjoyment of a cigar. Don’t forget that aroma is 75% of flavor.

Let us look into more on the facets of taste, but there is a special quality that is imperceptible that makes a specific cigar great, and this quality cannot always be perfectly defined or describe. Then again, you can tell it when you taste the cigar. There are also other vital factors that certain smokers of cigars don’t always take into account like balance and complexity. These factors also assist to make a cigar taste good. Though, complexity might not be an important factor while gauging smaller cigars. In a case where the cigar lasts for around thirty minutes, the flavors don’t have to change many times to cause the cigar to be enjoyable. Then again if a cigar endures for about two hours, then the experience of smoking will sooner or later become boring if the flavor of the cigar does not develop, transform or alter while the cigar is being smoked.

Now that you have understood what makes a cigar good, it is time for Buying Cigars Online and getting it fired up to smoke and take pleasure in it. Carry on puffing it and rotating it after every thirty to sixty seconds. Remember not to inhale the smoke, only taste it in and blow out. And if you try to smoke a cigar very fast, it will blaze hot and spoil the flavor. On the other hand, if you smoke very slowly, it will extinguish and you will be required to light it again and again. You are able to smoke a cigar as further down as you like, but it completely depends on the cigar’s taste. You should also think of using a Cigar Filter as it will help decrease the amount of tar and smoke inhaled during ignition of a cigar and also decrease the severity of the smoke while inhaling a cigar and also keep out the tobacco flakes from mouth of the smoker. In the end, to enjoy your cigar smoking experience, choosing the right drink is also an important factor. A lot of drinks are well-suited with mild cigars, however for cigars that are medium flavored and full flavored, pick a drink that won’t be overwhelmed by the cigar’s flavor.