Are Rolling Machines Worth It?

kashmir hand roller

Assembling a cannabis cigarette with a joint rolling machine is now the choice of most consumers. This predilection is not accidental but due to its multiple benefits. On this occasion, we will enlighten you on the subject and show you the best model on the market.

The rise of joint rolling machines

You can prepare the herb in many ways. Traditionally, this procedure was done manually. People were responsible for folding the paper or material to wrap the substance. This method was, for a long time, the only option.

With advances in technology, it was obvious that, at some point, other alternatives had to appear. In addition, the method of rolling joints manually was not available to everyone. The explanation is easy. In the past, the herb aroused rejection in society. For this reason, those who consumed herbs were very discreet.

However, the stigmas did not stop the enthusiastic population from continuing to grow. Naturally, everyone wanted to be able to make their own joints. That’s how cigar rolling machines came about. It wasn’t long before most people wanted to get their hands on one.

Today, there are still consumers who prefer to roll joints by hand. This artisanal method has remained the preserve of the few, while machines are available to anyone. It is, therefore, not surprising that they now hold supremacy.

Advantages of these machines

If joint rolling machines have prospered so much, it is because they have proven to be useful and practical. Proof of this are the countless advantages they provide when used, namely:

Ease of use

Contrary to popular belief, joint rolling machines are very easy to operate. This is mainly because they do not contain too many moving parts. So, even if your motor skills are not the best, you will be able to understand their operation from day one.

As if the above was not enough, these devices usually come with multiple instructions. They are quite detailed, so you won’t be left in any doubt while reading them. This will save you from having to ask someone for help, which is not always an option.

It is also worth mentioning that no matter which model you buy, it will be easier to operate the machine than rolling joints by hand. It will take you less time to get used to it than manual rolling. Thus, it is ideal to get one of these machines if you don’t want to complicate things too much.



Joint rolling machines are extremely inexpensive across all brands. Many of them don’t even reach $10. So, even with a fairly small budget you can get an efficient model that will leave you satisfied.

It should also be taken into account that these machines work with a precision that hands will never be able to match. In that sense, it is almost impossible for you to waste paper by mistake while rolling your joints. Since the machine is so unlikely to make a mistake, you will spend much less.



Undoubtedly, the speed of a joint rolling machine is unmatched. Making a single joint by hand could take you quite a while, let alone rolling several. However, this device can have it ready in as little as a minute. In some cases, the manufacturing time can be reduced to 20 seconds. This will depend on how advanced the model is and your experience using the machine. But the truth is that it will always be a much faster option than any other.

Now, we do not mean by this that rolling joints by hand are useless. Quite the contrary, it is an activity that works very well for relaxing. Although it’s best to opt for it when you need to roll a single joint. If you’re looking to roll several, stick with the machine.

Standardization of dosage

The herb is still, in many places, a plant that is not fully accepted. There is often a lot of prejudice about its use and its effect on people. This rejection is all the more pronounced, the larger the size of the joint. This stigma is still present even in countries where the herb is beginning to be normalized. However, a good way to avoid this situation is to use a standard dosage. That is precisely what a joint rolling machine offers you.

Generally, these machines come set up for the same size joint. Because of that, all the ones they produce are kept to an acceptable, inconspicuous, and sufficient size for consumers. Perhaps if you rolled the joint by hand, the dimensions would be more noticeable.

Consequently, it would not take long to attract curious people. In addition, the machine manufactures the joints in a very similar way to cigarettes. This makes them much more camouflage able than with manual processing.

Uniformity of results

For many, rolling a joint is an art. To understand this statement, one must first try to do it. In addition, as soon as we notice the complexity involved, we will know perfectly well that it requires technique, concentration and a lot of
practice. Therefore, obtaining a decent joint takes a lot of time. The rolling machine does not present this problem. Its results do not vary since it has a predetermined design. In other words, all joints will look the same. By doing so, you are saving yourself a lot of hassle.

You may not have the time or the wrappers to spend quietly while you learn. If you’re really not willing to sacrifice to become a master of rolling joints, there’s no point in trying. Instead, look for a machine that will do all the work for you.

Disadvantages of these machines

Aside from their outstanding qualities, joint rolling machines can have certain disadvantages. None of these detracts from their merit or functionality. Still, you need to be aware of them from the start.

Limitations in the model

We noted above that joint rolling machines usually come with a standard mold. It follows that the result will always be identical. This is a good thing unless, of course, from one moment to the next, you want to try a different joint.

The machines do not come with any size setting system. They are designed to produce the same size with the same content. For that reason, you can’t make a bigger or smaller joint. You have to conform to the established model. This prevents you from any possibility of experimenting with sizes. One of the greatest pleasures of any consumer is to adjust the joint according to the occasion.

A roll-up for a party is not the same as a roll-up for a solo session. We should point out that there are models larger than the standard. There are some up to 5 inches. However, the problem remains the same. You will be condemned to consume the same dose, which in the end can become monotonous.

Problems with rolling

At the heart of all joint rolling machines is the rolling casing. The one is responsible for rolling the paper and shaping it. It is the most important part of the process, yet it is not difficult to find poor-quality casings. Especially when they are made with vinyl.

A bad sleeve will roll the joints in an unbalanced way, which will be very noticeable in the result. It is also possible that it will squeeze the paper too tightly. As you might expect, all of this greatly spoils the cannabis smoking experience. Of course, it would seem that the solution is simply to look for a machine with a good casing. Well, in theory, that’s what you need to do. Fortunately, these kits are not too expensive, although you will have had a hard time, anyway.

Faulty fasteners

A common problem with joint rolling machines is the fasteners. In many cases, they are not correctly adjusted. As a result, cannabis comes out of the machine while trying to roll a joint.

Of course, you could try to adjust the lock yourself. However, hand strength can only do so much about it. Besides, you are supposed to have invested money in a piece of equipment. You should receive it in perfect condition, without any faults that you must personally accommodate. In any case, the key to detecting a faulty closure is to watch it as you make the joint. If it stays closed on its own, it means it is in perfect condition. If you notice that it opens, you will have to look for another machine.

Rejection by some consumers

We place this disadvantage in last place because it does not seem to us to be entirely valid. In fact, its importance will depend entirely on yourself and how much attention you pay to other people’s opinions.

Some cannabis lovers tend to be very conservative. In that sense, they don’t look favorably on those who use machines to roll joints. They see it as an act that lowers the level of the experience. Luckily, they are not in the majority, but they can spoil your mood by criticizing your use of these devices.

If you know that any criticism will affect you, this disadvantage becomes a serious problem. If, on the other hand, you will not pay the slightest attention to their comments, then you have nothing to worry. In both cases, the best thing to do is to stay away from that kind of people: you don’t need them to enjoy yourself.

The best joint rolling machine

Kashmir Mini joint Roller


Having reached this point, you may be wondering which joint rolling machine you should choose. Well, in this section, we have the answer for you: the Kashmir 110. Here are the reasons for our choice:

Perfect for beginners

The Kashmir 110 is designed with a simple system. That has not to say it doesn’t have the highest quality, but it is easy to operate. It’s the perfect alternative if you’ve never used a joint machine before and don’t know how it works.

With the Kashmir 110, you will have to do almost nothing. The machine is set up so that in just a few steps, you can get the joint you want. You don’t need any experience or manual dexterity to operate it. This characteristic simplicity of the model will prevent you from spending unnecessary time. You won’t even feel the slightest stress while rolling your joints, as there is no risk of making a mistake.

Standard size for all tastes

The Kashmir 110 machine, as its name suggests, is designed to produce joints of 110 millimeters. This site is a more than ideal standard for all tastes. Whether you want cannabis for a short session or something more extensive, this size will be enough.

On the other hand, with 110 mm, you can go unnoticed. That size will be enough to make the joint look like an ordinary cigarette. No one will notice what the real content is. At the same time, you will be able to carry it
comfortably in your pocket without taking up too much space.


The Kashmir 110 has an excellent lifespan. The materials used in its manufacture are easily adjusted to the frequency of use of each consumer. If you use the machine occasionally, it will last a long time by your side.

However, if you use it all the time, that’s no problem either. Kashmir is designed to withstand long sessions. All parts will remain intact and in place after prolonged use. That guarantees you the best results every time without compromising the integrity of the joint.

Carrying convenience

The dimensions of the Kashmir 110 make it a very easy-to-transport joint rolling machine. Thanks to this, you can take it with you wherever you go. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful cannabis at any time and in any place. Another aspect that contributes to the convenience of transport is the weight of the machine. The Kashmir 110, being so small, actually weighs very little. So even if you carry a lot of loads with you, you won’t notice it.

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