Acid Cigars – Perfect For Beginners

Are you new to cigar smoking? Just learning the ins and outs of purchasing, smoking and recommending cigars? Cigar Advisor one of the leading online cigar publications has the following tips to help you out.

Managing editor John Pullo states, ?Your first cigar is one you’ll always remember.” John has just released a list of the top premium cigars for those who are new to the cigar smoking hobby, which has endorsed one specific premium brand known as Acid Cigars. As a cigar novice walking into a cigar shop can be overwhelming and intimidating both. Many newbies face the same problem of wanting to get into the cigar world and to make it a memorable experience, but really don?t know where to start. Here are three easy tips to help the beginner make the right choice when starting out.

  • Ask a Cigar Expert ? There are several online tobacco and cigar websites that can assist with questions and steer you in the right direction. Ask these experts, or even a friend (make sure they?re a true expert) and ask them general questions and they can help you narrow down the list and select a starter cigar that you will truly enjoy.
  • Start With a Connecticut Wrapper ? Most of these wrappers are grown in the U.S. and Ecuador and they make for a good starting point.
  • Try More Than One ? To avoid a lackluster first experience try tasting several notes on 10 or more cigars.

If you?re jumping right into the world of premium cigars it?s important to have a good, positive smoking experience the first time around. This will lead to more cigars, experimentation and enjoying the cigar smoking experience as a whole. Just remember to not get discouraged and to keep trying different cigars until you find the right cigar for you.

Among Cigar Advisor’s picks for top starter cigars we recommend the premium brand Acid Kuba Kuba cigars. As John states “Some people end up liking this cigar so much, they stick with it forever.” Acid cigars were one of the first cigars to be embraced by smokers worldwide becoming the standard for not-your-standard-cigars. Acid Kuba Kuba (so good they named it twice) was the leading choice among infused cigars. They have a unique taste derived from the Drew Estate stock, conveying a flavor and aroma via a botanical mixture made up of over 140 herbs and oils. It?s a mild to medium cigar that?s easy to smoke making it one of the best starter cigars around.


Strength: Mild

Shape: Robusto

Size: 5 x 54

Country: Nicaragua

Color: Natural

Wrapper Origin: Indonesian

Wrapper Leaf: Sumatra

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