Backyard Grilling Tips for Pipe Tobacco Smoking Folks

As we move into warmer weather across parts of the country,  some of you “backyard chefs” are thinking about uncovering the barbie and pulling your first premium cigar out of the humidor. #livelarge

Summer is here, well not here in Chicago yet; but hope springs eternal for pipe tobacco and cigar smokers who want to live large in the backyard. 

How to be a Backyard Heroine or Hero this Grilling Season 

Weber it’s the only name you need to Google as you shop for a new grill. Weber is the gold standard fro grilling, with no equal. 

Yes, you can go “long” with a grill that will test you pictures of your burgers on the burner and maybe even send you an audible alert when they are good to go. 

But, for price competitiveness, features and reliability you only need to know one name: Weber, it’s the only game in town for wannabe “Gordon Ramsay” chefs. 

Let’s talk About Cheeseburgers: No Chef can Claim Fame without Making One 

First the ingredients: 

  • The best mayonnaise money can buy; not the cheap stuff.
  • A half of cup of plain dried bread crumbs (garlic if you want to live on the edge)
  • Onion Soup Mix (again, go for something high quality) 
  • 2 Lbs of ground beef (organic) or turkey
  • Some buns and go to your local bakery for these.

Directions: combine all the ingredients in a bowl, form some patties by hand and grill to taste. Neighborhood fame should be right around the corner and pro tip: experiment with some Heinz 57 and some chopped organic herbs to liven up the burger. 

heidi enjoys a cheeserburger using the windy city cigars recipe

Don’t Go Mundane with the Briquets 

You never want to fire up a good premium cigar with anything other than a butane lighter. Some don’t heed this advice but that stick is going to lose some of its inherent good tasting properties. The same holds true for charcoal briquets. Think: quality.

You can go convenient and grab a bag at the local convenience store and fire up the grill with these. But if you are making that world class cheeseburger we just touched on earlier, go to your local hardware store and grab a bag of mesquite and hickory chips and throw these on the fire once the briquets are white hot. 

Never Server Something You Wouldn’t want to Drink Yourself 

You and the hubby are hitting the neighborhood block party and the beer container is loaded up with stuff you only see advertised on Monday Night Football. Can you drink it? Sure, but would you want to. No! 

The same goes for the backyard buzz you want to build with beer or booze that’s going to complement your culinary skills – don’t serve anything you wouldn’t want to drink yourself behind closed doors. 

This the golden rule of backyard barbecue success – serving that cheap mainstream stuff is never going to help you make friends around the neighborhood.

A Great Pipe Tobacco Blend for an After Barbecue Smoke 

D&R Premium Tobacco is made from the finest flue-cured, gold leaf blends and offers an assortment of 12 different pipe tobacco blends.There is no finer blend of pipe tobacco on the market, bar none!

The “D&R” stands for Daughters and Ryan, they make one of the finest quality products in the world and we think of them as a luxury brand that’s great for any tobacco smoker who wants to enjoy the finest pipe tobacco money can buy. It’s truly a top shelf one of a kind pipe tobacco – not the cheapest brand by any means, but well/well worth the price.The taste of the tobacco is truly one of a kind.

  • Ramback: has a silky smooth taste with a flavorful and characteristic oriental finish that’s a bit exoctic – you will savor this pipe tobacco every time you smoke it.
  • Ramback Gold: just a touch smoother than the standard Ramback.
  • Three Sails: has a full bodied, British style Virginia pipe tobacco blend, with an extra fine shag cut.
  • Windsail Platinum: slightly milder taste than the Three Sails blend.
  • Windsail Silver: light bodied, yet flavorful with an extra smooth taste.
  • Windsail Gold: produces a flavorful, robust flavor.
  • Two Timer z’: a nutty taste and natural sweetness.
  • PenHooker : their richest blend with a wonderful distinctive taste.
  • Ryback: has a distinctive dark-fired taste.
  • Vengeur: s a medium bodied blend, developed to be smooth and flavorful, with no bitter aftertase.
  • S.J. Rimboche Perique – the source tobacco for this blend is only grown in Louisiana and only in two areas; this is an extremely rare and hard to come by pipe tobacco.

So, we hope your summer barbecue season is in full swing or you are at least dusting off the grill and planning on an event or two as summer barbecue season kicks in. And, we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to help you select a premium cigar or special blend of pipe tobacco.