Pairing Cigars With Whiskey

Pairing Cigars with Whiskey

The connoisseurs have a continual journey as far as the worlds of cigar and whiskey are concerned. Finding the right pairing of cigar and drinks takes more than being a smoker; you just have to be committed. Like a foodie understands the best pairing of wine and food for a mouthwatering dinner, a smoker must do likewise.

Until you strike the chord of balance between the right kind of drink and your cigar, you may well be scratching the surface. The right company for your smoke is a matter of your preference, emotional state, and taste. You have endless possibilities to strike the right balance. It’sIt’s a marriage made in heaven when you succeeded in making the right combo and enjoy your drink while you smoke for health and longevity.

Do you like champagne, chardonnay, or caviar, or you want something mild and spicy? It’sIt’s your choice, and the more you learn, the better you will become in making the right pairing. As it is customary of Windy City Cigar, educating you to make informed decisions at all times regarding your smoke is our avowed responsibility.

For the most part, whiskey is the holy gray of cigar and drink pairing as it gives the experienced smokers, something remarkable and relaxing to look forward to at all time.

Why Cigars and Whiskey Work

If you are wondering why whiskey and cigar are a good pair, it is because both are highly warming. The warm action you get right from your mouth when you take a puff is complemented when you sip your whiskey all through to the stomach.

While cigars make a fantastic pairing with most spirits, whiskey is mostly preferred by experienced smokers who know the value of warmth and the attendant benefits. Standing on a balcony with a glass of whiskey and a thick cigar can keep your company for the whole evening. Such an environment allows you to bring up your worries one by one and find the right solutions that will give you a new lease on life the next day.

However, making the best pairing is about finding your balance.

Finding your balance

I wouldn’t say it’s easy to strike a balance, but it’s a hard nut you can crack with patience and keen observations. Cigar naturally goes with most spirits. Whether its whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rumor cognac, your taste, and preference is your birthright!

While some would go for nothing but whiskey, many smokers prefer the beverages. Give them flavor-rich coffee, or a well-brewed beer, they love it! Therefore, you need to know that what matters is you and how you feel is your right. So, choose as is most appealing to you, and you are good to go with your pairing.

Power Must Always Meet Power

While focusing on balance is a good starting point, the underlying consideration for many smokers is power. If the drink is not strong enough, it’s not worth considering. At the same time, some never think of alcohol as a better option. Yet, these beverage lovers want their coffee strong and aromatic for the best flavor and taste.

Whether alcohol or beverage, the underlying factor is power; a robust and thick cigar and potent drink as a company make the difference. Although it is not every time cigar and drink pairing is power for power, some smokers prefer something mild and flavorful.

Taste and Experiment

Since cigar and drink pairing is personal, experts do not shove a list of pairs down your throat to respect your decision. Our taste palate differs, and what is suitable for one may be terrible for another. You are at liberty to pick what is best for you. When you are pairing, therefore, always remember that it’s your call to choose what is right according to your judgment and not based on any experts’ recommendation. However, you can be guided with any suggestion to make the best decision.

How to Enjoy Whiskey and Cigars

Pairing your cigar and drink is a personal decision based on how you feel about it. Always remember that you are to pick what you enjoy most, and it doesn’t matter what your choice is. Every smoker’s pairing decision is personal, and there is no standard about it.

Things to Consider When Pairing

Experts understand that your choice in pairing is personal, and you are the best judge. However, there are a few things to consider. The first thing is the length of the experience. Here, you want a drink that can accompany you during the duration of your cigar. If your cigar would take about 40 minutes, the right match of the alcohol is what you can enjoy for the length in the right quantity.

Pairing that brings a balance

The following pairing is what you can consider when looking for the best company.

This pairing, suggested by industry experts, during a whiskey exhibition highlights the balance between smooth flavor whiskey and a flavorful cigar. The combination offers power for power pairing for wholesome enjoyment. This combination provides a lasting experience of a great cigar and intense whiskey.

This is a favorite pairing among veterans. The appeal is the deep and flavorful characteristics of this drink and combined with Romeo Y Julieta 1875 is a marriage made in heaven. You will love the concentrated smoke of the cigar, which delivers medium flavored attribute that aligns with mild bourbon drink.

  • Montecristo White Series with Bushmills 21 Year

Smoothness is the underlying factor of this pairing. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper Montecristo White with Dominican filler and binder offers one of the smoothest smokes in the history of the cigar. The cigar profile pairing with undeniably smooth and creamy Bushmills 21 is unquestionably an irresistible combination for any smoker.

  • Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 with Michter’sMichter’s Unblended American

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 is one of the best cigars that keep you going when paired with the finest whiskey. You will find a great match of the cigar with Michter’sMichter’s Unblended American. If you are not into alcohol, this cigar goes well with nuts and sweet coffee.

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