RYO 101

Many smokers are readily aware of RYO and its importance to their lifestyle. Thus, the idea of rolling your own smoke is a favorite hobby that adds so much fun to every smoker’s routine. We think it will do you some good and help to educate those still unfamiliar with RYO to discuss the different methods of RYO in this incisive introduction to RYO for smokers.

Of course, there is always the factory made cigarette where most smokers will start from, and as you gain more confidence and develop the expertise to handle your own smoke like a pro, you begin to consider rolling your own smoke with much love! In this discussion, we will look at the three different ways to roll a cigarette and make a short comparison to give you an idea of what to choose.

Three Methods of RYO

There are three ways you can roll your own cigarette. Each approach is unique and offers some level of closeness and personal touch to your smoke. Some factors determine the choice you make but principally, it is about your convenience.

The three methods are as follows:

  1. RYO by hand – There is a time you need a cigarette fast, and your only option is to roll your own smoke by hand. You do this by using the cigarette paper, tobacco, and your hand. You will take a piece of cigarette rolling paper and add some tobacco to it and carefully hold the paper at both ends and roll. The paper has a sticking part where you wet it with saliva to make it stick to the side of the rolled stick.
  2. Thumb roller – This is much like the hand roller except you use a small device that helps to roll the cigarette into perfect cigarette size. The thumb roller is small in size and can help to roll your cigarette to include a filter at the bottom for a classic looking smoke.
  3. Machine roller – The machine roller is more advanced and easy to accomplish. The machine can be a manual or automatic RYO device that accelerates the process of rolling your own smoke. If you check our cigarette accessories section, you will find different types of rolling machines that you can get to help you roll your cigarette.

Different types of RYOs compared

The idea to roll your own cigarette is, as a result, to ‘pay less for smoking’ and also helps you to enjoy your lifestyle. No rolling method is better than the other; your purpose is what matters. Basically, you choose your rolling method base on your lifestyle, smoking habit and time. We will compare each method, in turn, to give you clarity regarding which one to choose.

  • RYO by hand – This method requires no additional investment in any gadget other than buying your tobacco and rolling paper and roll when convenient. This method is great for smokers who need a few sticks occasionally and want to kill time during break. It is a pleasure ride to roll your own cigarette anytime you want it without additional investment. The thing to note with this method is that it is slow and best for smokers who smoke a few sticks once in a while.
  • Thumb roller – This is similar to rolling by hand except that you make use of a small hand rolling device to give you a good copy of real cigarette. This method is also great for smokers who smoke more sticks than the hand roller and need more to carry with them while they work. The idea behind this method is to make RYO smoke that resembles the real thing. You can add a filter to your smoke to give you the feeling of smoking branded cigarette.
  • Machine roller – For smokers who are grounded in smoking and need more sticks but want to roll their smokes, machine roller is a better option. While discussing the machine, you need to know there are two types of RYO machines. You can have the manual method where you will have to be involved in the process of rolling from start to finish. And you can go for the automatic type where all you need is press the button and collect your smoke without additional work.

Which is best among the three RYO options?

As already mentioned, your choice of RYO method will be determined by the frequency of smoking. If you are a heavy smoker who needs more sticks per hour, and you do not have the time to sit and roll, your best option will be an automatic RYO machine. But, if your frequency is tolerable and you have more time to spare, a manual device will be just perfect. Between the two RYO machine options, another determinant is cost. While the automatic machine is fast and rolling efficient, they require a higher investment than their manual counterpart. However, the automatic RYO machines are studier and durable just like the manual type.

Compared to RYO by hand and Thumb RYO where you can only make a few sticks per round of invested time, you want to consider the option of hand-rolling if you have the time to spare and do not need many smokes per day. However, if you are always on the go and like to travel light, hand RYO and Thumb methods are ideal choices.

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