Top-O-Matic PoweRoll II

PoweRoll II Cigarette Rolling Machine

At Windy City Cigar our wish is for every smoker to enjoy smoking as a passion with freedom and peace of the mind. It is, for this reason, we spend quality time to source and bring you incisive information about cigarettes and lifestyle. We have discussed the earlier version of this RYO machine; “Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine by Top-o-Matic. This discussion will focus on another model from the same manufacturer all to give you value for sticking with us.     

The following discussions shall examine PoweRoll II Cigarette Rolling Machine by the same maker.


This RYO machine is designed to help you roll your own cigarette to save you time and money while enjoying their passion. The device produces perfect regular and short sticks of 84mm and also produces King Size Filtered 100mm long sized cigarettes sizes. The best part is that it is an electric RYO machine that takes away the rigor of manually punching your tobacco into the waiting filtered tubes. The electric cigarette machine uses a real, spring free spoon driven injection system similar to the efficient manual rollers to deliver well-rolled cigarette. The operation of this machine is by just pressing a button and wait to collect your smoke at the side.

If you need an RYO machine that produces well packed and consistent burning sticks, you want to put your money where it is secure is right now.


  • Removable cord for easy storage. The machine comes with a detachable cable that allows you to keep it safe for the next use.
  • Jam Indicator light. There is no guessing what causes your RYO machine to stop with the jam indicator. Now, you know what to do when the jam light come up.
  • Durable, heavy-duty protective travel case. The average smoker is a highly mobile person, and the protective casing makes the machine easy to carry from place to place.
  • Cleaning kit included. Optimum hygiene is needed for every smoker; your RYO endeavor will be compromised without the ability to clean your cigarette rolling tool.
  • Spoon Fed Injection. For seamless tobacco filing into the filtered tube, the spoon injection gives the machine guaranteed control over filing the tubes with tobacco.
  • Owner’s Manual. You need not to worry about this being a new RYO technology; the user manual will guide you efficiently with useful information to operate it.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty. You can take confidence in the manufacturer’s warranty knowing your investment is covered in case there is any problem after you buy it.

Pros & Cons

Every product has it up and down. While most users are pleased with the smooth function of PoweRoll II, a few buyers may be displeased with how it works. Let’s see the Pros and Cons of the RYO machine:


  • Fast and easy to use; can roll a pack of cigarettes in under 5 minutes
  • No flimsy filled cigarettes
  • Fill cigarettes to preference; whether tightly or normally packed
  • It is much easier to un-jam
  • Can roll different sizes of cigarettes


  • It needs learning how to use; user’s manual comes handy

Why buy an RYO machine from Windy City Cigar?

At Windy City Cigar, the happiness of our customer takes the front burner, and we will stop at nothing to make it happen. Put differently, your satisfaction as a customer should be the primary reason to choose where to buy your rolling machine. In buying and selling, buying from a seller with impeccable customer service record is a guaranty for a quality product. One way we serve our customers at Windy City Cigar is by ensuring we deal only in high-quality products. For this reason, rest assured that you will find anything you want from us as far as smoking and accessories are concerned anytime you visit the store.

Before you buy any product, you are to make your finding thoroughly and independently to ensure you are being offered the right product for your lifestyle. Be it cigarettes, cigar, and smoking accessories; Windy City Cigar provides a one-stop shop sales service for every quality seeking smoker. We sell all recognized brands and premium quality brands. 

Tips for using RYO machine

  • Every RYO machine function the same way. Your RYO brand may be different, but it works the same way with other models with a little variation.
  • Consult your RYO user’s manual to learn how it works. Just like in all things that require learning, you need to give it time to master its use. The owner’s manual with your new device should be carefully studied, understood and applied.
  • Keep it clean, always. Note that smoke needs excellent cleanliness to be free of contaminant. Therefore, learn how to clean your RYO machine for uncompromising hygiene with your device.
  • Roll with pleasure. While your RYO machine gives you the comfort to roll your own cigarette, you should set aside time to roll a few sticks and not rush to a point where you compromise on the quality of the roll.
  • Get quality supplies. After purchasing your RYO machine, you need to buy your tobacco and cigarette tubes to roll with. Make sure you buy premium quality tobacco and tubes which you can et at Windy City Cigar.

Buy your Top-o-Matic PoweRoll II Electric Cigarette Machine today

Top-o-Matic produces only the best machine for rolling cigarettes. The company has a track record for zero tolerance for inferior gadgets, and similarly, at Windy City Cigar we never associate with dishonest manufacturers whose only objective is the rob people of their hard-earned money.

Most cigarette injector machines are cute and easy to use, but Poweroll II rolling machine by Top-o-Matic comes with spoon injector that gives you complete freedom from rolling your cigarettes. This machine offers convenient RYO. You can buy the unit from Windy City Cigar and get one year warranty for peace of mind because you are buying from a trusted seller.

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    Great review – thanks so much! I’ve been using the Powermatic 2 roller for years now, and I’m on my second one. How does this top-o-matic machines compare in your opinions?

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