Best White Owl Cigars Flavors To Buy

white owl cigars

White Owl Cigarillos

White Owl cigars have been around for more than a century and have grown into one of the best and the most recognized brands of cigars in the world. If you are a fan of White Owl cigars, you are already familiar with its bright foil packaging and the owl sitting on the logo. They are also popular for different flavors. If you are looking for high-end cigars that are budget-friendly, White Owl Cigars are the best.

These cigars are cigars rolled by machine but their flavors are not degraded because they are rolled by the machine. The fact that they are rolled by machine makes them economical. Each cigar is blended using different tobaccos from five to six countries based on the style. With the tobacco blend, White Owl cigars always get a mild to the moderate flavor. The flavors are not harsh or overwhelming. Whether you are just starting to explore the world of cigar or you have been exploring it for years, these cigars are the perfect day-to-day cigars you can buy at affordable rates. The consistency of blends and flavors of White Owl cigars makes it the best.

White Owl cigars flavors include mango, pineapple, peach and grape. They also come in flavors defined by colors like black, silver and blue. The great efforts that go into creating unique and recognizable flavors make the cigar popular. The most popular of the flavors are white grape and grape because they offer a subtle sweetness.

Most aficionados prefer White Owl cigars because they are exceptionally great. White Owl cigars burn evenly and consistently and produce a minimal amount of ash. The wrapping is solid and tight so you won’t have problems with its structure while smoking. Of course, there are several flavors of White Owl cigars you can choose from. We review some of the best flavors in this article.

1. White Owl Blunt Regular cigars

White Owl Blunt Regular cigar is one of the bestselling and the most popular machine-made cigars in the US. The cigars are mellow, subtle and smooth. The taste is subtly satisfying and when you smoke it, it is sure to tickle your palate. The cigar is extremely reliable and affordable. It means even if you are on a budget, you can enjoy White Owl Blunt Regular cigars.

2. White Owl Blunt White Grape Cigar

White Owl Blunt White Grape Cigars are filled with an exquisite tobacco blend from different nations, making it the most sought-after cigar among smokers across the US. Their sweet and mild flavor has won the heart of several smokers as its natural wrapper lends a smooth texture to the cigar.

White Owl Blunt White Grape Cigar is a delight to everyone who has smoked it and if you have not tried it, this is the perfect time to try it and see the difference. This cigar is admired by many people not only because of its quality but because it is available at an affordable rate.

3. White Owl Cigarillo Sweets

White Owl Cigarillo Sweets Cigars are famous for their great flavor and taste. They are made of high-quality tobacco filler which provides you a soothing aroma and a delightful taste. With White Owl Cigarillo Sweets Cigar, the binder and wrapper will leave a lasting aftertaste after every smoke. If you are looking for the best cigar for a post-dinner smoke with your family and friends, this cigar will delight you. Its fine draws are well balanced in aroma and strength. White Owl Cigarillo Sweets Cigar smooth flavor and mild-bodied at an affordable price makes an irresistible deal for every tobacco connoisseurs.

The foil pouches of these cigars retain the freshness and keep mold at bay. They are portable, so you can take one along when you are going out or traveling.

4. White Owl Cigarillos Mango Cigars

White Owl Cigarillos Mango cigar’s tropical, sweet flavor is refreshing and bold. The top quality cigar leaf drizzle with yummy Island fruit will surely perk up your palate and fill your room with its delectable aroma. This cigar is a great alternative to the White Owl’s traditional size cigars as it maintains the great taste and flavor you have come to love. Each pouch comes with two cigars in a resealable foil pouch and no matter your budget, this cigar is sure to delight you because it is budget-friendly.

5. White Owl Cigarillos Emerald Un-Sweet

White Owl Cigarillos Emerald Un-Sweet Cigars provide smooth and satisfying smoke without the dessert sweetness found in most other brands. With its all-tobacco wrapper and Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed filler, you are sure to experience a naturally sweet tobacco taste and aroma. The machine-made cigars are flavourful, jazzy and full of enjoyable and satisfying tobacco tastes. It is affordable and always available on the market.

6. White Owl Cigarillos Green Sweets Cigars

The beautiful diverse filler of five individual tobaccos makes this cigar one of the superior cigars on the market. White Owl Cigarillos Green Sweets Cigars provide a delightful taste and a mild aroma that will appeal to your sweet tooth and relax your senses. With its filler bound in a pair of homogenized sheets, the sheets lend smoothness to each drag. White Owl Cigarillos Green Sweets Cigars are packed in foil that will keep them fresh always and protect them from damage.

These products have a dedicated fan following across the world because of its long-standing culture. Even if you are on a budget, you can still enjoy this cigar.

7. White Owl Cigarillos Tropical Twist Cigars

White Owl Cigarillos Tropical Twist cigars will quench your thirst for a tropical oasis. This cigar perfectly combines sweet island coconut, juicy pineapple, mango and ripe kiwi. The unique and tantalizing smokes that come from this cigar is sure to put your mind at ease. With White Owl Cigarillos Tropical Twist Cigars, you are sure to enjoy smoking from the first to the last draw.

White Owl cigar flavors are many, so you can choose the one that is perfect for your day. Whichever flavor you choose, you are sure to enjoy each draw. With these budget-friendly cigars, you are sure to have a lively day.