Cigar Smoking Guidelines and Manners

Cigar Smoking

There are certain cigar manners that every cigar smoker should follow normally after buying cigars online and while pursuing the hobby of cigar smoking. Many a times it happens that your preferred cigar’s wrapper say la escepcion cigarsbegins to loosen. This can happen in an instance where you cut the cigar too closely before lighting. In such a situation, what you could do is make use of your saliva as glue. Then, touch the disentangled portion of the cigar wrapper by using your tongue with the purpose of making it moist. The next thing to do is to bind the cigar’s wrapper again to the cigar as it was originally. You might have to do again this procedure for some more times incase if your cigar is fairly unmanageable.

Another thing that could happen to the wrapper is that it could get split. And this normally is the outcome when the cigar is not stored in the correct humidity due to which it becomes dry. If you wish to continue using it instead of throwing it away, then make an attempt to clean up your say cheyenne cigar by getting rid of the floundering portions of your cigar’s wrapper. It definitely won’t be as good as it was initially, but it would be qualified for smoking. Make sure to conduct this procedure as tidily as possible particularly if you are present among many people. Ensure that you do not make a massive muddle by tossing ash all over the place and spurting the wrapper out of the mouth. This will put off people around. And this is certainly not good cigar manners.

Another important think quite a number of smokers do not know is putting their cigar out when they have finished off with smoking. If you do not wish to continue smoking your cigar or if it gets bitter, then just place it in an ashtray and allow it to extinguish by itself. After a couple of minutes it will go out. However, take care you don’t rub it in an ashtray as you would do to a cigarette. This will not look good and also give a foul smell that could upset other people. After cigar has flamed out, ensure that you toss out the butt. By just abandoning it for many days, it could have a bad persistent odor.

It is perfectly fine in case if you wish to put aside the cigar in order to smoke it sometime later. But make sure that the gap is not for a long period. If the cigar is kept for even an hour unlit, then it will give a bitter taste that you will not enjoy. Follow the above tips and implement some common cigar manners so that other people are not offended with your cigar smoking. The main things to consider are not to be totally discourteous, don’t blow smoke on other’s faces and throw ash on other people’s clothes. You ought to be fine considering you follow these things.

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