Filtered Cigars Vs Cigarettes

While cigarettes and filtered cigars are filled with tobacco, they do differ in quite a few significant ways. Many people wonder what the difference is between a filtered cigar and a cigarette. Filtered cigars differ greatly from cigarettes and an important concern to the smoker.  The most prevalent brands of cigarettes available in the United States and the rest of the word comprise Marlboro, Camel, Parliament, Dunhill and several others. Some of the most admired filtered cigar brands are OHM Filtered Cigars, Black and Mild, Wrangler, Vaquero, Clipper, Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars and many more.

 Now let us explore the differences between Cigarettes and Filtered Cigars. At the outset, the physical appearance is most apparent. A filtered cigar or a little cigar’s wrapper is actually made of tobacco that is darker and more natural colored while a cigarette has a white wrapper. They are both delivered in the same packaging, with packets of 20 cigars in a box of 10 packs.

Secondly, a very significant difference between filtered cigars and cigarettes is the chemicals used. A filtered cigar is created with cent percent natural and pure tobacco (the tobacco will never be a blend of more than one type) and a filter on the top.

Moreover the tobacco utilized in filtered cigars is either fermented, aged or both to infuse the tobacco various flavors whereas cigarettes are stuffed with a blend of different tobacco types, however, the tobacco is never fermented or aged.

However, apart from tobacco, cigarettes are filled with over 200 other potential harmful chemicals (like benzene, vinyl chloride, arsenic and other probable harmful chemicals) that are present in the smoke. The chemical which is addictive is present in both filtered cigars as well as cigarettes, however, nicotine is mostly found in cigarettes.

One more difference is that filtered cigars are obtainable in a very many different flavors. On the other hand, a cigarette can only be bought in full flavor, light, ultra-light, menthol light and menthol. Filtered cigars, like Black and Mild cigars, are offered in these flavors, in addition to an assortment of fruity flavors comprising rum, wine, peach, grape, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, wild berry, cherry, honey and probably even more.

The taxation and in what way it significantly influences the cost of the product is perhaps the most vital difference to the customer. In the U.S.A., every state imposes a tax on cigarettes and it is taxed greatly. Some say this is done to lessen the number of smokers and reduce the perils of smoking to people while others say these taxes bring in revenue to the government.

In contrast, filtered cigars are not categorized as a cigarette by the US government, but in fact under the filtered large cigars category; this relieves it nearly totally of the taxes that overburden cigarettes. This means that filtered cigars can be sold at nearly over the manufacturing cost, to facilitate the producer to make a profit, nonetheless the consumer is even receiving a cheaper product.

It is very imperative that the consumer should have the right to know the differences between filtered cigars and cigarettes. Enjoy smoking OHM Little Cigars and Cigarettes and using OHM pipe Tobacco in pipes!