6 Awesome Gurkha Cigars to Enjoy Anytime, Any day !

Gurkha Cigars Reviews 

When you seek for exclusive handmade cigars – the very best of the world’s premium cigars; look no further than Gurkha cigars. This cigar is not as light as black and mild. On the contrary, its strong and rich in aroma.

Gurkha cigars are produced – using the finest and rarest blend of aged tobacco leaves. This brand of tasteful cigar is also available in diverse luxurious and distinctive flavors for consumers delight and adventure. The cigars come artistically packaged – sparing no cost on high quality and production; no wonder – people who are familiar with the Gurkha brand refer to it as the “Bentley of cigars”. To keep up with ever increasing consumer demand, the company offers diverse blends of high premium luxury cigars to people who love exclusivity and excellence, just like black and mild cigars.

With Gurkha cigars, every puff of smoke will leave you desiring more and it truly satisfies your appetite without sacrificing quality. It is the manufacturer’s goal that every consumer gets complete satisfaction and feel fulfillment when smoking a Gurkha cigar. Currently, the brand makes up to 10 million cigars annually and is marketed and sold in over 60 nations across the globe. Each Gurkha cigar tasted delivers to you that luxury smoking experience that is unique and quite different from the last.

Gurkha cigars are classified in various categories so as to meet the individual needs of wide ranging consumers. You will find the core brand category, limited edition, high premium luxury brand, and other varieties.

Gurkha cigars have a very rich history. In 1989, the company was acquired by Mr. Kaizad Hansotia for as little as $149. He actually bought it with the intention of offering his customers the cigars as gift to complement his family line of wristwatch business. It then turned out that everyone loved the cigars, and from just serving them as gifts, Gurkha cigars have today, become one of the most preferred and famous brands of luxury cigars on earth. Some schools of thought refer to Gurkha Cigars as the Bentley of cigars and some others refer to it as the Rolls Royce of cigars. This is to figuratively express how rich this brand is – as they are not only exceptional with diverse outstanding flavors, but also packed in stunning, award-winning packages.

Gurkha as a brand – currently has about 50 unique brands of cigars in the marketplace.

The core brands include the following:

  • Cellar Reserve,
  • Royal Challenge,
  • 125th Anniversary,
  • Ghost,
  • Seduction,
  • Assassin and,
  • Ninja

It has the limited edition brand comprising the following:

  • the Maharaja,
  • His Majesty’s Reserve,
  • Cellar Reserve Limitada,
  • Cellar Reserve Edicion Especial,
  • Cellar Reserve Platinum and,
  • Triad

Others include:

  • Nemesis,
  • Wicked Indie,
  • Rogue,
  • Red Witch,
  • Prize Fighter and
  • Classic – Havana BlendGurkha Cigars

Cigar smoking has become more popular than ever with the Gurkha brand. Men and women are seriously indulging in the art and act – since this brand leaves a signature of ‘class’, responsible smoking and luxury. Below are six recommended Ghurka cigar varieties that are unique in every way! We are presenting this list to those who want to enjoy quality tasteful cigar smoking and to folks who want luxury smoking yet affordably.


The Gurkha Black Beauty cigar is highly enjoyable. This choice is a winner any day – anytime. We proudly recommend the ‘black beauty’ cigar to everyone who seriously desire smoking in unique style with great experience. Yours truly, this cigar smells amazing and extraordinary. This choice smells much like evergreen tree and comes beautifully made and packed, and is simply gorgeous. A lot of Gurkha cigar smokers love the ‘feel’ that the black beauty cigar offers and is thus an all-time favorite for a majority. Light up this cigar and enjoy its smoky spicy flavor. It is sweetly produced and will leave you asking for more.


2. Gurkha Evil Cigar

The Gurkha evil brand is also exceptional. It is highly rated by luxury smokers and considered as highly premium. Crafted in diverse unique sizes, each Gurkha Evil cigar releases complete array of rich flavor that’s smooth and balanced. Every puff comes with unique flavor intensified with rich burning. This cigar has an uncompromising level of quality that Gurkha is popular for. Check its price and Black and Mild price on our website WindyCityCigars.com.

Enjoy Gurkha Evil cigar and get that special feel of roasted nuts with satisfying floral finishing in every smoke.

3. Gurkha Evil Robusto

This one is another super cool blend of the evil cigar brand. The makeup of this cigar offers you a stick that’s richly packed, full in body and strength. If you have tasted the regular evil flavor, this is yet another one that will get you burning in great pleasure and satisfaction! It has an aroma that is full of sweetness.

4. Gurkha Ancient Warrior

The Gurkha Ancient Warrior brand is perfectly handcrafted and balanced to offer cigar smokers luxurious smoking experience. With this brand, you will get that blend of rich and creamy flavor together with tinges of cedar and spice that make for a complete balanced smoke. This will certainly please your palate any day – any time.

5. Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo

This brand comes infused with Cognac and is a unique blend that offers matchless exit from Gurkha standard premium line. It is superiorly packed with brown wrapper that surrounds flavorsome blend of smooth and tasty tobacco. Every pull of the Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo cigar creates smoking delight that only connoisseurs can explain. Get with this and also explain the beauty of distinctive smoking experience felt!

6. Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill Cigar

The Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill Cigar has no flaws. It is well packed and presented, looks great and smells fantastic! Pull the first draw and you won’t want to stop till you have the very last draw. Enjoy subtle sweetness and rich flavor with each drag of smoke. This brand is highly enjoyable and cigar smokers love it. If you need the ideal cigar to keep you warm while fishing, working around the yard, or doing some other extra-curricular activity, light up a stick of Churchill and stay motivated for the hour.

Now you know, go grab any of the above distinctive cigars, and decide for yourself!