Common Cigar Etiquettes for Smokers


Whether you are a newbie to cigar smoking who has just purchased a cigar from?the cigar shop?or a veteran, you need to follow some cigar etiquettes every time you light up your favorite cigar like the?rocky patel the edge. There are many people especially novices who feel overwhelmed while smoking a stogie in public. However, any cigar smoker would prefer to enjoy his cigar without any disruptions from other people. Therefore, to assist you, here are a few tips on cigar etiquettes. Bear in mind the following guidelines on cigar smoking.

It is a known truth that smoking is not permitted in public areas. However, could find some smoking-friendly place. Therefore, if you are in such a place, it is advisable to ask others nearby you, whether they mind or not if you light up your cigars. This is just a gesture of?courteousness. There will be scenarios where you will stumble upon some impolite people who will let you know that they do disapprove, nevertheless if it is a labelled smoking place, then simply refuse politely. A smoking region denotes that anyone can smoke, therefore, if they do not like it, they ought to go shift to some non-smoking spot. ?

Just like there are many different opinions on smoking cigars, there are also diverse opinions on band ?manners?. A lot of cigars have enhanced bands for instance?Panter cigars?which help smokers recognize the cigar and give it style in terms of appearance. And there are cigar companies that have done a good job with their cigar bands. It is not mandatory to keep the band on. It?s a matter of personal preference. Certain individuals feel that those who keep the band on, particularly if it is a high-priced cigar, then they are showing it off. However, you should not be bothered about it. If you want to keep the cigar band on, then keep it. Moreover, you could bump into some other smoker who could show curiosity in your cigar, so the band might start a nice chat. One more reason to leave the band on is that in case if you remove it, then there is a possibility that the wrapper could get torn before you could even ignite your cigar. This may well cause unscrambling and give you an untidy?smoking experience of the cigar. Many cigar smokers tend to leave the band on when they start smoking and as soon as the cigar starts burning, the glue which keeps the band intact will sooner or later start melting. When the burn line begins to become adjacent to the band, then you can detach it effortlessly to continue relishing the cigar. And if the band is really eye-catching, you could save it as a keepsake.

There are times when a cigar burn unevenly, which is not a good thing. However, the good thing is that it can be resolved. In a situation where your cigar starts burning rapidly on one end and is comparatively unaffected at the other end, then put it in the ashtray. Keep it be positioned there till it burns nicely and do away with any extra ash. Then, with the help of your lighter burn the uneven part till the cigar appears even and resume smoking it.

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