How To Get More Kief From Your Grinder


How To Get More Kief From Your Grinder


Would you like to learn how to get more kief with your grinder? Well, you might be surprised to know that there are some techniques that can help you get the most out of your weed. So get your rolling ready, because here is how to get more kief.

What is kief?

You have probably seen those little crystals on cannabis flowers. Well it is a resin secreted by glands, called trichomes or crystals. Although there are more of these glands on the flowers, they are actually all over the plant, even on the stem.

When these crystals break down, kief emerges, an extract with more than twice the potency of regular weed. This is because it has high levels of CBD, terpenes and THC. It is white to light green in color, powdery in appearance and sticky to the touch.

You can do many things with kief besides smoking it. However, we will talk about that later, for now we have to deal with another more important topic.

How to get more kief with your grinder?

Kief multiplies the possibilities; there is no doubt about that. But if you don’t know how to get it, then it doesn’t do you much good either. If you have a grinder, you’ve already got half the job done. Let’s focus on the other half: how to get the most out of it.

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Put your grinder in the freezer overnight

Grinder Freezer

If you put your grinder in the freezer overnight, you’ll be able to clean it much easier in the morning. There will probably be a lot of kief stuck all over the inside of the grinder. You’ll just have to scrape it off with some metal piece, like a knife.

Of course, sometimes you don’t have time to wait overnight. In this case, it may be enough to put the grinder in the fridge for just two hours. Although we warn you that the results will not be the same.

Do not grind too much weed at once

Logic tells us that the more weed, the more kief, but this is not the case. We recommend grinding small amounts in the grinder. If you grind too much herb at once, the grinder will get dirty very quickly and the kief will not come off.

Ideally, again, it is best to do it in smaller portions. If your grinder has a sieve screen (a small reservoir at the bottom) you will have things easier. All the kief will collect there and you won’t have to worry about separating it from the rest of the grind.

Grinding in small amounts leads to another advantage: it will extend the life of your grinder. In fact, if yours is particularly good, it will last a lifetime. And if you’re looking for a quality grinder at a good price, we recommend the Kashmir Grinder.

Looking for a scraping tool

Removing kief from inaccessible corners of the grinder is hell. Those with grinders will have a tool to clean the grinder. But very few people know that the tool already exists on the market.

It is called a scraper, and it is extremely useful. With it you can get a lot out of every grind. So why don’t you make a small investment in favor of good smoking?

Dry your weed well

Before grinding your buds, make sure your weed is very dry. You should know that the drier it is, the more kief it will release. If the plant is still a little wet, it will release some kief, but it will be an insignificant amount.

There is a trick if your herb still has some moisture and you want to dry it before grinding. Put the herb in an airtight bag or container and put it in the freezer. Let it sit there for fifteen to twenty minutes and then take it out. Believe it or not, this method will dry out your buds, allowing you to grind more fruitful kief.

Keep your grinder clean

No one likes to see their once shiny new grinder full of sticky gunk. To avoid this, all you have to do is clean it on a regular basis, which costs nothing.

To clean it properly, put it in the freezer overnight. If you’ve read the tip, you know what it’s for. In the morning, scrape the kief with your scraper or tool of choice.

When you have made sure that there is no kief left, then clean it in water and let it dry. Then, use a cloth or cotton soaked in alcohol to finish cleaning it. Let it dry completely and you will have your grinder functional and as good as new.

You may want to stockpile kief

If you are a smoker, but also don’t smoke in large quantities, you may be disappointed with the amount of kief you get. In that case, we recommend that you don’t consume it right away. It is much better to store it in a dry container, in a dark, cool place.

This way, when you have a good amount of kief, you can use it for a recipe. And speaking of recipes…

How to extract kief without a grinder?

Let’s say for some reason you don’t have a grinder handy or, well… you haven’t cleaned it. There are a couple of methods to extract kief without using a grinder. Let’s take a look:

Use dry ice


This is a perfect technique if you’re dealing with large amounts of buds. Put the dry, unground weed in a container. Then add a few chunks of dry ice. Don’t be alarmed, the weed won’t get wet from the dry ice.

Next, install a sieve over the container with a 160 micron mesh. Then turn it upside down and start shaking the container. What will happen is that the resin glands will fall off with the low temperature. You will get a kief of almost unparalleled purity.

Dry sieving

As in the previous case, this technique is usually used for large quantities of cannabis. All you need is to be in a cool place and sieve between 80 and 270 microns.

Rub the well dried cannabis on the mesh. The trichomes will come off and go through the mesh. So have a large enough container ready to receive the kief.

What to do with kief?

Kief can be smoked on its own, although it is most commonly used to enhance the effects of cannabis. But let’s look more specifically at what you can do with the kief you collected from your grinder.

Sprinkle the kief over the weed in a pipe

The most traditional way to consume kief is to sprinkle it on your weed. If you smoke a pipe, just sprinkle a generous layer of kief on top to enhance the effects. Be sure to burn the edges well, where the kief accumulates.

Sprinkle the kief on a joint.

If you prefer to roll a joint, then simply sprinkle a pinch of kief on the already ground herb. Mix it up as best you can and roll the joint. It can be a bit tedious to have to mix the kief well, as the trichomes stick too well to the leaves. But with patience, you will succeed.

Make yourself a twax joint

Twax joint

Be warned that this method of consuming kief is for experienced smokers. If you are a sporadic smoker, we recommend you stick to traditional methods.

Roll a regular joint, but leave the top third empty. When you are about to close it, but have not tied the end, you will have an open cylinder. Fill the remaining third with kief and you will have a fairly potent twaz joint.

Make moon rocks

Moon rocks

Moon rocks, or moon rocks, are buds coated with oil and rolled in kief. We don’t recommend it for first time smokers as the effects can be very intense.

However, once you have the ingredients, making moon rocks is very easy. Find some oil of your choice and heat it without burning (experts use hashish oil). As long as its texture becomes more fluid, it is enough.

Put the oil in a container and dip the buds in it with the help of tongs. You can also put the buds on a plate and drizzle oil over them. Then sprinkle the kief over the buds while the oil is still hot.

If you have enough kief, you can also make a kind of breading. Instead of sprinkling it on the buds, put the kief on a tray and roll the wet buds in it.

Let them dry well and you will see that they will harden. Then you can smoke it. To do this, just break them up by hand. In this case you should not use a grinder, as the moonrocks will break very finely and it would be pointless.

Potentate your cannabis butter

If you’re more of a foodie, then there’s also a use for kief. You’ve probably heard of cannabis butter, or cannabutter. Well, besides being delicious, it can give you a great trip.

But if you find that it’s not enough for you, then add a teaspoon of kief to the mix. However, a teaspoon may be too much, so better try just a pinch first.

Make kief hash

Hashish is probably the oldest form of refined cannabis. Making it from kief is extremely simple. Start by extracting the kief from your buds as we showed you before.

Use heat to break up the resin crystals and turn the kief into a kind of sticky plasticine. You can make little balls of hashish by kneading. The effects and taste change a bit. In general, the effects are a bit more intense.

Give a “fresh” touch to your cigarette

If you have rolling wax, then it will be very useful on this occasion. Take a cigarette and wrap it in a thin layer of wax (you can also roll it with your tongue). Then sprinkle kief on it as evenly as possible. The effect won’t be as strong, but it will give it an interesting touch.

If you are used to rolling your own cigarettes, then you will like this: mix a pinch of kief with the tobacco and then put the cigarette together. You will get a similar effect to the previous method, although it depends largely on the amount of kief you use.

There is another method, but it uses joints directly. You will need to have prepared hashish beforehand. Once the joint is assembled, make a line of hashish by kneading it against a table. Try to make it quite thin.

Then roll it in a spiral around the joint. On the one hand, you will get a more intense effect. On the other hand, the burning of the hashish (slower), will make the joint not burn so fast and last much longer.

Make kief discs

There is a type of press that is used to make compressed kief discs. But since almost no one has it, you can use other types of presses that you may have at home. The most widespread method is to use a pollen press. Accumulate as much kief as you can in the cavity of the presser and then press.

Of course, when consuming them we also recommend caution, as it is a very concentrated product. If you are experienced, you can smoke the whole disc in a pipe, but if not, break it into pieces.

“Dress up” your coffee or tea

Many people add a small amount of kief to their tea or coffee in the morning. The ideal measure is around a quarter of a gram per cup. What happens is that the heat of the beverage activates the cannabinoids.

The result? A very strong and lasting effect that appears between fifteen minutes and half an hour after consumption. We insist that this method produces intense effects. But certainly, your personal resistance and the variety of cannabis you use come into play.

Substitute weed for kief in recipes

There are many popular recipes that feature cannabis. For example, there are the happy brownies that everyone knows. What if instead of using weed as such, you use kief? The advantage, on the one hand, is that the effects are stronger and, on the other hand, it does not alter the taste.’

And precisely this last feature makes kief perfect for sprinkling on any food. You will not change the taste, and you will have a great trip.

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