How to Prepare Pipe Tobacco for Cigarettes

How to Prepare Pipe Tobacco for Cigarettes

Although Pipe and Cigarette tobacco come from the same plant, they are different in taste. The difference in both products is in the processing of tobacco. The tobacco leaf is harvested, dried, blended and onward made into different types of smoke, including cigarettes, pipes, and so on. While the making of pipe tobacco takes combining a variety of flavors to give its distinctive tastes and aroma, making cigarette tobacco only takes one or two types. However, you can extend the enjoyment of cigarette smoking by making one out of a pipe tobacco blend.

Making cigarettes from pipe tobacco unleashes great excitement to discover new past time in smoking. Follow these instructions to break new ground in cigarettes:


  1. Get a bag or can of tobacco, open it, and take two pinches to spread on a plate and leave for 1 hour. You are doing this to make the tobacco dryer burn faster as than cigarette tobacco, which burns slower. Hence, exposure to the atmosphere reduces dampness.
  • Once dried, collect the tobacco together and crush it with fingers to break it into smaller pieces. While crushing it, be careful not to grind it into powder. The final tobacco substance should be reasonably big that you can hold and not in dust form.
  • Collect the crumbled tobacco and roll using a cigarette tube or paper. The crushed tobacco can be rolled (check our list of reliable RYO machines here) into delectable smokes for astonishing enjoyment. To Roll Your Own cigarette, you need to know how; read our educating article ‘RYO 101’ to know how. You should not overpack the tobacco when rolling for a perfect burn and maximum enjoyment.

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Preparing your cigarette using pipe tobacco is a great skill to vary your tastes and enjoy smoking. If you want excellent-tasting tobacco, why not visit the collection of premium tobacco and accessories here.

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