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Smokers Pride Pipe Tobacco

Smokers Pride Pipe Tobacco makes seven different blends of tobacco. All are classic tasting pipe tobaccos blends, priced aggressively and with a great deal of implicit value in the product. You are getting a lot of tobacco for what you are paying: end of story.

We carry all seven types of Smokers Pride Pipe Tobacco:

Smokers Pride Mellow: good taste, nothing harsh, just a smooth taste.
Smokers Pride Vanilla Cavendish Pipe Tobacco:  nice Cavendish notes in this mellow easy smoking blend with a hint of vanilla.
Smokers Pride Cherry Tobacco: smooth tasting, “Mellow” with cherry added to round out the flavor.
Smokers Pride Natural Pipe Tobacco: nothing harsh or too strong, just a good tasting blend that’s all “natural.”
Smokers Pride Black Cavendish: a stronger taste that’s going to get your attention but not hurt your taste buds.
Smokers Pride Whiskey Pipe Tobacco: tastes like their “Natural” but with a hint of Whiskey flavor, not too much, a subtle taste.
Smokers Pride Rum Pipe Tobacco: smooth tasting tobacco with a nice touch of rum that doesn’t overpower the core taste.

Smokers Pride Pipe Tobacco is a great somewhat traditional tasting blend of tobacco priced aggressively and at Windy City Cigars we sell this in 16 oz and 12 oz re-sealabe bags. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to get special offers on pipe tobacco products, premium cigars and accessories.