The Right Way To Enjoy A Pipe

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If you are new to cigar, you may have heard stories about it. Well, I don’t know the version you have listened to, but let me tell you that cigar is a living thing for living people. The cigar is for people who love life, those who are in control of what they do: the business executives, successful professionals, and celebrities and the icons of their industries. The living adores cigar to relieve stress, enable to think and solve problems.


Anatomy of a Cigar

A cigar is a roll of authentic tobacco leaves; it contains whole tobacco leaves rolled consistently to give the right fold and tightness to allow smoke course through it for smooth and cool cigar taste. There are different types of cigars, but the premium quality cigar gives you the best in flavor and taste.

If a cigar is taken apart, you will find the following makeup: Cap, Filler, Binder, Wrapper, Foot and the Band.

The Cap. The Cap of the cigar is what goes to the mouth for smoking. A cigar comes with a covered cap; the cap has a thin line or seam located around the head of the cap, this is where you need to cut before smoking.
The Filler. This occupies the center of a cigar and delivers the flavor you need.

The Binder. It encases the filler tobaccos and serves as conduits for even burning and combustibility of the cigar to maintain its structure and density as it burns. There are single and pair binders, premium cigars have two binder leaves and are great!

The Wrapper. It is the outside cover of the cigar. This is what you notice, apart from the binder, especially if you are looking to pick a cigar by its color. The wrapper dictates the choice of what cigar to choose because it determines the flavor and it’s the decider in drinks peering.
The foot. It is the end of the cigar where you introduce the fire to light it for smoking.

The Band. Of course, it is the second visible part, perhaps the most noticeable, of a cigar which contains the brand information. It is with the band you can identify the premium cigar you love.

Benefits of enjoying a cigar

I am not saying cigar has no downside when it comes to health, but everything in life does. Yes, cigars have health benefits and one of them being a stress reliever! This article is talking about smoking cigar in moderation, and that is the reason for my introduction about the target audience. Unlike in cigarette where you have chain smokers, cigar pros do it in moderation, and it brings the following benefits:

  • Stress Relieving
  • Ability to think through puzzles and proffer solution
  • Social enhancer; connecting you to the right people
  • Repels flying insects and prevents West Nile virus or St. Louis encephalitis when outdoors
  • Enhances relaxation
  • Improves mental ability
  • Impressive weight control

The health benefits notwithstanding, it is recommended to smoke cigar responsibly! How to choose the perfect drink or scotch whiskey with your cigar

Selecting the ideal drink with your cigar gives you a great taste and smoothness. The cigar is a social item, and you need the right mind and environment to enjoy smoking. This is the reason cigar pros visit cigar hangout to mix with people of like minds.

The general rule about the drink that matches your cigar is to choose the color of the wrapper and the whiskey! Doing so gives you a great taste and smooth feeling.


Here are the steps to doing so

01: Having a Clean Pipe

The shank and stem (pieces that connect the bowl to the lip that goes in your mouth) need to be clear of any any major ash or char buildup. After smoking a pipe, it will build up a black cake inside the bowl’s chamber. This is good. Do not scrape this off. Lightly scrape off only excess ash and char.

02: Ensure Your Tobacco is Good

This is done by picking up the tobacco in your thumb and two forefingers. It should clump and and slowly fall apart. If it breaks apart, that means it’s too dry. If it stays clumped and doesn’t fall apart, then you got a moist problem, and the portion be used should be set out a little while to dry before smoking.

03: Correctly Packing

If this is not done properly, there will not be a nicely smooth and enjoyable puff.  Too tight and it will be hard to pull from. Too loose and it’ll burn too hot and cause what is known as “tongue bite.” Not enjoyable. A good rule of thumb is the “3 hand shake” rule.

  • Your first fill of the bowl is somewhat loose, and you tamp it down with the force of shaking a small child’s hand.
  • You fill it again, and tamp it down with the force of shaking a lady’s hand.
  • Fill it a third time, and tamp it down with the force of shaking a gentleman’s hand. 

The more times you fill the bowl, the tighter you tamp it down. This lessens air pockets between the pieces of tobacco, and helps the ember remain lit as it travels from one piece of tobacco to another. Don’t tamp it too tight or you wont be able to pull as easily from the pipe. The tobacco should have some give to it.

Your initial light will be your char light. Don’t expect it to stay. You should tamp your tobacco down again a little after your char light, as heat will cause the tobacco to expand. Your second light should take, and if tamped nicely, should stay lit for most of your smoke. New smokers may find they have to light their pipes a few times before reaching the end, but with experience, you will need to relight it less often.

Picking the Right Cigar

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