The Top 10 Rolling Papers You Need to Try

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The Top 10 Rolling Papers You Need to Try

There are many options to pick from when choosing a rolling paper. Ideally, usage depends on personal preference. Many people will have a specific brand to which they subscribe. It is good to try out new things. We have compiled a list of ten rolling papers that you need to try.

  1. Zig Zag Ultra Thin

Zig Zag Ultra Thin

The consistency and reliability of Zig Zag have helped the brand to stay for a long time. The ultra-thin rolling paper comes from Gum Arabic pulp and is nearly transparent.

A notable advantage of the Zig Zag ultra-thin rolling paper is that its burn rate is slow, producing no paper taste. Beginner rollers can easily use it because it does not tear easily

Shine 24K Gold King Size Rolling Papers

If you are looking for something that will turn heads during parties, this is the rolling paper. It is a product of hemp paper, usually coated in pure edible gold. The 24 K gold means that you are experiencing luxurious smoking.

  1. Urban Wraps

Urban Wraps

If you want to smoke marijuana and appear like you are enjoying a regular cigarette, Urban Wraps is your rolling paper. The print on the rolls is made from non-toxic soy, posing no health threats.

Urban Wraps produces thin papers that are easy to roll, even for beginners. They are made from hemp and do not leave an awful aftertaste.

  1. RAW Organic 300

RAW Organic 300

This is a natural product that is ultra-thin and produces a clean, light taste. The paper is a product of non-GMO hemp and natural gum, with unbleached, translucent brown fibers. It comes in a pack containing 300 leaves.

  1. Bambu Rolling Papers

Bambu Rolling Papers

Bamboo papers are very thin, and beginners will find them hard to roll without ripping them. Typically, the smooth papers leave no aftertaste and do not affect the taste of your herbs. They also burn slowly and smoothly.

  1. Trip2 Clear Papers

Trip2 Clear Papers

The transparent papers are made from cellulose and have a burn rate that is clean and slow. It may be easy to see the papers on hard surfaces, but they are easy to fold, even by novices. They leave no aftertaste.

The transparent papers allow you to see smoke travel in the joint.

  1. TOP Rolling Papers

TOP Rolling Papers

These rolling papers are manufactured in France. The manufacturer uses the finest ingredients to enable smokers to have a smooth experience. They are also gummed, providing users with extra convenience.

  1. Lift Tickets’ Medicsated Papers

This paper is an award-winning product made by Lift Tickets, a dispensary in California. The papers are made of 100% natural hemp. They come either as single or double packs, prerolled and infused with hash oil. Some are also flavored.

  1. Rizla Natura

Rizla Natura

Rizla Natura offers the best rolling papers made from hemp. They come in various sizes, and all burn nice and slow. They are ultra-thin, allowing you to taste the herb.

  1. Pouch Papers

Pouch Papers

Any beginner looking for an easy-to-roll paper should consider Pouch. They contain pouches built into every leaf, saving you from the frustration of losing your herb as you learn how to roll.