The top 3 Electric Rolling Machines

The top 3 Electric Rolling Machines

Rolling tobacco is a whole new way of getting the best smoking experience from the comfort of your home. But, it can become tiring quite fast, rolling tobacco manually, particularly if you don’t have it all the time. Manual rolling machines also need extra effort from you, which will require more skill.

So, electric cigarette rolling machines might be your best bet yet. You can use these handy devices to get your perfect blend of filling and even produce higher-quality cigarettes. However, there are many brands of electric rollers available that you almost don’t know which to choose.

Buying low-quality electric rollers will dent the quality of your cigarettes. Besides, it might get damaged much faster, and not even provide your desired results. So, in this list, we have compiled three of the best electric cigarette rolling machines for you. We will provide a detailed description of each of them, s well as their merits and demerits.

When you hear experts say it, this device is one of the best you would ever use to roll your own tobacco at home. The Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector has a well-built body with a robust black casing. The casing feels robust and quite sturdy, a good sign that it would last many years. This device is also quite heavy, weighing about a pound. It is not precisely heavy as a rock, but when you carry it, you’d feel that you have something on your hands. It also comes with a wide feeding tray, which allows you to roll many cigarettes faster.

This model comes with higher motor speed, combined with a high-quality gear that increases its efficiency by about 25%. So compared to its previous models, you are sure to get better cigarettes at a faster speed. If you are done with regular cigarette rolling machines, this device should be your next stop. It is also a fantastic option for beginners who need automation to reduce wastage.

It comes with super titanium plated blade that buts and compresses tobacco precisely. This machine is handy for producing both King-sized and 100mm-sized cigarettes. Since it is designed for two size options, you can create as many regular sizes as you want. Then, you can also produce 100mm sizes by adding more tobacco into the tray while holding the tube.

The powerful lever in this machine helps it to generate enough power to finish both ends of the cigarette. Moreover, you should not worry when your smoke comes out wrong. Simply reduce the quantity of tobacco put into the machine, and voila!


  • More efficient gear with superior quality
  • Higher motor speed for better consistency
  • Versatile for both King and 100mm cigarette sizes
  • Sturdy blades plated with Titanium for durability


  • It can break if you don’t handle it with care.

The PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine is made exclusively for king-sized cigarettes. This machine produces tightly-packed stuffing that burns smoothly without pauses. The tobacco fillings are packed evenly with the carrying case, which is featured in the device. PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine also comes with an electric injection mechanism for pushing tobacco into cigarette tubes. The automatic injection is spoon-driven and designed for King sizes only.

This device also has a dust brush, Tobacco tray, and nozzle brush. It is a similar product to the TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette brand, which also uses the electric roller. This cigarette machine makes it quite easy to roll out King-sized cigarettes without breaks.

Most people who have used the Poweroll Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine remarked, enjoying how it rolled out king-sized cigarettes equally. Many people claim to have been enjoying its service without jams. However, a few of its users complained that it sometimes jammed, as it was too delicate for them.


  • features functional parts, including the tray and carrying case
  • proficient at rolling out King-sized cigarettes
  • works well without jams
  • comes with a very long guarantee


  • It is made for only King-sized cigarettes; other sizes will not fit
  • Powermatic 3 Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

The Powermatic series saw a newer light with the Powermatic III Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine. Compared to the Powermatic 2, this device is an improved version with even more efficiency and durability. It allows complete automation for rolling cigarettes with a digital display and more durable gears. The screen displays the number of cigarettes produced, as well as the cigarette density desired.

One improvement made over the other model is the time for using this device. If you had used the Powermatic II for 2 hours, producing 200 pieces, you might use an hour now. It also features a one-button operation that is quite easy for even beginners to use. It comes with automatic jam protection that eliminates the chances of your cigarette jamming over the long run.

The hopper in this model is bigger, with a capacity of 30 cigarette tubes at a time. Simply fill the hopper with empty cigarette tubes, insert one cigarette tube at the end, and hit the “start” button. The Powermatic III also produces one cigarette at a time, even if the hopper holds as many as 30 empty tubes.


  • Backed up by manufacturer full 1-year limited warranty
  • Easy to operate
  • User-selectable cigarette density
  • Automatic jam protection
  • Removable cord for secure storage


  • Quite expensive


There are many factors that you shouldn’t deal with when rolling tobacco. The issues of wasting time and money, or even wasting energy, rolling out tobacco manually are not entirely smart. If you are going to save much of your time, effort, and money, you should get one of these. Besides, you only need the push of a button before getting those ideally injected cigarettes.

Weighing out options, the two best brands for electric cigarette rolling anywhere is Powermatic and the PoweRoll models. The biggest problem you can get from any electric cigarette roller is jamming up. And these manufacturers have put time into ensuring that these devices work smoothly without jamming.

However, if, by any chance, your machine jams up, you should be careful not to force it. You can try cycling the roller with the tobacco chamber door. That way, the jam will loosen up without you damaging any parts in the process!

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