Captain Black Pipe Tobacco

If you are looking for the best world’s most affectionate tobacco pipe, Captain Black Pipe Tobacco will top the list. This is because of its history that is consistent with quality in pipe tobacco smoking. 

The quality of Captain Black Pipe Tobacco can be found in its rich specially cured Cavendish tobaccos that blends with Burley tobaccos for smooth Virginian sweetened taste and exceptional flavors.

This drug store tobacco as popularly referred to by the veteran Captain Black smoking community gives you an exceptional pleasant taste of high-quality smoke backed by over 30 years of fantastic products for smokers.

Why is Captain Black Special?

The specially blended aromatic tobacco is made with top flavor to give each tobaccos smoker distinctive taste of excellence. The smoke is a Lane Limited product that originates from the tobacco-loving people in America. As an American company, Captain Black uses high-quality tobaccos imbued with consistent flavor which makes it one of the best pipe tobacco brands in America.

If you don’t like being left without a choice in the things you do, including your option of the smoke you take, you are indeed one of the best smokers around. In the social world, which tobacco smoking ably represents, what makes life sweeter are the choices you have. With Captain Black, your options are many with uncompromising qualities in every brand you choose.

To satisfy your distinctive taste of well-blended pipe tobacco, Captain Black offers the following irresistible blended tobacco flavors in Black, Gold, Royal, Cherry, Dark, and Light options as can be seen below:

  • Traditional aromatic – 12oz can tobaccos is a White pipe tobacco
  • Balanced taste a bit milder – 12oz can blend of Gold pipe tobacco
  • Loaded with vanilla – 12oz can blend of Royal tobacco for the sweet tooth, vanilla lovers blend
  • Traditional aromatic blend taste – 1.5oz (6packs) White Pipe Tobacco
  • Balanced taste that is a bit on the milder side ? 1.5oz (6packs) Gold Pipe Tobacco
  • Balanced taste slightly on the mild side – 1.50z (6packs) Cherry Pipe Tobacco
  • Pure Cavendish with a strong taste – 1.5oz (6 packs) Dark Pipe Tobacco
  • Carefully selected tobaccos with a flavor of vanilla – 1.5oz (6 packs) Light Pipe Tobacco

Why should you go for Captain Black Pipe Tobacco?

If you have been following development in the smoking world, you will find that smoke reviewers have hardly had anything wrong to say about Captain Black Pipe Tobacco. Unlike the criticisms received by most drug store tobaccos, you will not find such bad mouthing of Captain Black because of the many years of consistent quality product delivery that satisfies many best tobacco smokers including the pundits!

One thing most people find so inviting about captain black is its pouch aroma; this comfort bringer reminds you of your childhood memories for savoring the aromatic smell of your grandpa pipe coming from the courtyard. This is similar to the rare delight of apple pie oven aroma that keeps you salivating for a piece of the pie when it’s ready. Such is the thought-provoking experience you get from the magical scent of this tobacco that adds excellent values to a smoking pipe.

What happens when you lit captain black pipe tobacco?

If you are a regular smoker of other aromatic tobacco, you will expect to relight your pipe several times in the course of smoking, but you will not have to do that when smoking captain black. Yes, you heard correctly, it stays lit for a longer time. It does not matter if you are a slow smoker or not, your smoke will smolder on and wakes when you draw the pipe anytime. That means you could smoke the tobacco up to an hour, carefully savoring the sweet aroma to the pleasure and good feeling of people around, including non-smokers!

What is a captain black pipe tobacco smoking taste like?

The flavor and the pouch aroma of captain black are comparable to none in the tobacco smoking world. The sweet, mellow vanilla flavor resembles that of roasted marshmallow tasting like whipped cream which makes a great combination with a glass of Van Gogh Espresso.

Whatever version of captain black you smoke, whether it’s Gold, Black, Royal, Cherry, Dark, or light, you are getting real value for money. The irony of it is that each pack of either 12oz or 1.5oz is quite affordable and satisfying.

Are you missing out?

Imagine having to sip the flavor of this tobacco to avoid biting your tongue, yes that is how tempting and great the taste is. If you are a smoker and you have not tried Captain Black, it’s like going to the stream and begging someone who fetched a bucket for water. The slow-burning, aromatizing tobacco tastes impressive with hardly any nicotine. Even when you smoke around someone who does not like smoking, they will be tempted to allow you to smoke for them to enjoy the aroma being released. This means you will hardly get any complaint from the non-smokers when you are smoking any flavor of Captain Black because of its pleasing smell.

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