Five Must Have RYO Tobacco Products for Summer & Beyond

It’s that time of the year. Backyard barbecues are on everyone’s mind here in the U.S. and RYO tobacco smokers are searching for interesting products that go well with your favorite cheeseburger recipe and satisfy the demanding tastes of family and friends.

You want taste, a great price and a wide variety of choice when you roll your next cigarette. Think about our very own OHM pipe tobacco. It’s one of the top five best selling loose tobacco products in the world for good reason: tastes great, made with premium tobacco.

  • We have a broad number of blends guaranteed to suit just about anyone’s taste: Bold, Blue, Mint, Gold Mint (way beyond traditional mint), Silver, Natural, Turkish Red (exoctic), Turkish Yellow (even more exoctic), Super Mint (strong, powerful and no residual commercial minty taste).

A box of Arturo Fuente Cigars (can’t miss best in class premium cigar) in the humidor. These Dominican tobacco sticks taste great (with a medium to full bodied flavor), made with an eye on details that separate this brand from many of their competitors, draw extremely well, burn consistently (no ugly runs down the side of the cigar) and we have a ton of great reviews here on our site.

  • These hand made beauties come in about twenty different types and sizes; buy a box and these sticks will become your defacto cigar for the summer and beyond.?

For that “inner Star Wars” geek in your family get the Nerf Episode VII super soaker – fire a stream from an onboard tank that holds 16 ounces of water. You are guaranteed to soak em long and hard and you’ll feel like an Imperial Stormtrooper too.

  • And, you can blast your unlucky backyard challenger from up to 35 feet away – long range heaven. Have fun with this water soaker and feel kind of like a Star Wars “super nerd” as you find those errant Jedi settlers hiding in the bushes.

No summer barbecue in the backyard would be complete without a snack of some type to get the party started. Gourmet popcorn has been around since Native Americans started popping it by tossing a few kernels into the fire. Popcorn goes back thousands of years: anthropologists have discovered fossilized popcorn cobs just under 5,000 years ago in Peru and New Mexico.

  • The tradition is deep and rich here in America. Native Americans showed colonists how to make popcorn back in the day and popcorn was on the first Thanksgiving table and it was even served covered in milk. Sort of an early generation breakfeast meal.
  • By the early 1800’s popcorn shifted into the mainstream of America: farmers starting planting corn in large quantities as consumers began to make popcorn at home. It’s a summer, spring, fall and winter mainstay.?
  • We carry the world’s best popcorn: Palo Popcorn is made by real certified “Cheeseheads” in Wisconsin and believe us when we tell you one bag will never be enough, This popcorn is a sure fire guaranteed hit at your next party or barbecue and it comes in five delightful flavors of goodness.

You want more flavor than what a traditional cigar can deliver. Today’s machine made cigars offer unparalleled flavor and Swisher Sweets cigars leads the pack. Swisher is know for making great tasting machine made cigars, cigarillos and blunts at a very affordable price point. You want great taste and a flavorful smoke that’s going to complement your next social outing or meal then think about Swisher Sweets.

  • And, these best of breed machine made cigars come in a huge variety of tastes: strawberry, Artic ice, blueberry, white grape, chocolate and some exotic blends only offered by Swisher like Dolce De Lece and Wild Rush.
  • When you buy a machine made cigar from Swisher you are getting a product from the market leader that almost single handedly define this category of cigars.?
  • Swisher knows machine made cigars like no other brand, with a rich tradition of making great tasting cigars.

Forget about off the shelf products: buy some good source pipe tobacco and then flavor it at home. If you can conceptualize the taste you can probably make RYO tobacco at home that will taste great, save you money and give you the ability to make an almost unlimited number of tobacco flavors at home.

  • Live large and DIY your own RYO tobacco and our short video below will tell you how to become a world class DIY RYO tobacco blender.
  • It’s a lot easier than you think and you don’t need any exoctic materials; flavoring agents can be just about any booze you have hanging around the liquor cabinet and look no further than your kitchen for materials for blending your RYO tobacco.

We hope this blog post about RYO tobacco products and cigars was helpful. If you have questions about any of our products or even pipe tobacco or a brand of cigars not listed on our site please reach out – we pride ourselves on providing excellence in customer service.

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