10 Essential RYO Tobacco Products for Rolling Your Own Cigarettes 2021

Every RYO tobacco smoker has a standard set of products for rolling your own cigarettes. A cigarette making machine is essential, whether it’s a manual or an electric machine these modern “tools” help to save you time and get more out of your rolling tobacco. We sell about fifty models of cigarette making machines from under ten bucks to just under a hundred. Here are videos on two of our best RYO tobacco sellers.

The Gambler Cigarette Machine is good to go right out of the box. Gambler is one of the most popular brands of cigarette rolling machines on the market; for good reason, their products are well made, durable, don’t jam easily and come in a wide variety of styles and prices. We always have the Gambler cigarette making machine on sale.

Another cigarette making machine alternative is the all electric PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Making Machine by Top-O-Matic.

You are living large with the Top-O-Matic electric cigarette machine: it  comes with a sturdy travel case for moving it around easily, runs on 120v AC power, uses a standard spoon fed meth to inject King Size Cigarettes tubes with pipe tobacco. Never jams, it’s a great cigarette making machine.

One of the Best on the Market: Kentucky Select Tobacco

We sell a lot of Kentucky Select tobacco for good reason: it’s a classic well made pipe tobacco that tastes great, is affordable, highly rated via customers on our site (check em out) and it’s a well known brand. A market leader in pipe tobacco that makes a consistent great roll your own tobacco product.

Kentucky Select pipe tobacco is made using a classic Virginia roll your own tobacco that burns nicely with a little hint of sweetness, which you would expect; nothing harsh about the taste.

This is a quality pipe tobacco with no additives or usage of shake tobacco. Tastes great, burns smoothly, will store well and retain it’s natural moisture, it’s priced aggressively and a very popular pipe tobacco.

Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco Comes in these flavors:

  • Red: this is a bold, pretty strong pipe tobacco, good for a smoker looking for a strong taste.
  • Gold: this is a smoother smoking tobacco, a little milder than their Red.
  • Blue: this is smooth pipe tobacco with just a hint of menthol, that’s not overpowering.
  • Green: delivers a sharp, minty taste of menthol, a bit stronger than their Blue blend of tobacco.
  • Silver: has a lighter, extra smooth taste, a bit more refined then the other flavors.
  • Turkish Black: a classic more exoctic taste; if you want something out of the ordinary, this is the blend for you.

Premier Cigarette Tubes are Now Mainstream 

In the ancient days cigarette tubes didn’t exist. RYO tobacco folks used newspapers to roll up their pipe tobacco; yes, newspapers, wrappers, paper of any type – there were not good alternatives.

But fast forward today you can get really high quality premier cigarette tubes that burn flawlessly, taste great, don’t break as pipe tobacco is being loaded into them and once made, can be moved around without breaking.

The onward march of technology has really improved the overall quality of cigarette tubes and filters – you can also get them in just about any flavor under the sun.

Today you can get a high qualtity carton of premier cigarette tubes for under $5.00 and Golden Harvest makes a great cigarette tube and they are aggressively priced. But we carry lots of other premium cigarette tubes from other manufacturers like: Top, Zig Zag, Shargio, Zen and others.

Cigarette Tubes Come in these Awesome Flavors

  • Mild
  • Menthol
  • Rice Paper
  • Vanilla
  • Natural
  • Grape

Gambler Tobacco: Affordable, Tastes Great and Smokes Evenly

One of our most popular brands of pipe tobacco is Gambler tobacco and we recommend it and BTW some of us smoke it now and then around the bae we are out on the town or hanging out at home.

Gambler tobacco is priced aggressively, flavor packed, made with good quality Virginia tobacco and Burley cured and quite popular for these reasons. Don’t take our word on Gambler tobacco, check out the great reviews here on our web site. We have thousands of customers who regularly buy Gambler tobacco!

Zippo Lighters the best RYO Tobacco Complementary Product

Every RYO tobacco products user should have a Zippo in their purse or pocket. These babies are not your grandfather or father’s lighters carried into just about any country in the multiple world wars via a rucksack, backpack, pocket, purse, whatever.

Today’s modern zippo lighters are available in just about any style color for an RYO tobacco enthusiast and you will probably want a butane versions called “candles” – we sell em too and if you are buying more than $200 in product from us you are going to get free shipping and some other goodies. They are made to last, come with just about a lifetime guarantee.

So, that’s our short list of ten RYO tobacco products every smoker should have. Got questions about these or anything relating to RYO cigarettes, premium cigars or tobacco accessories please reach out and give us a call.

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