Vintage Prince Albert Tobacco Poster Goes For $8,400

R.J. Reynolds started the Prince Albert Tobacco company in 1907 and it quickly became the American brand of tobacco. It’s still one of the most popular pipe tobacco brands sold in the United States today.

Most vintage Prince Albert collectables are red in color, where the tin cans are decorated with black and white images of Prince Albert himself. If you don’t remember Prince Albert married Queen Victoria in 1840 and the two lead very interesting lives centering on their passion for each other.

The old advertising slogan was the famous: The National Joy Smoke! Of course there’s the one of the oldest jokes in the book: “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” when you get a Yes for answer you reply back with, “Well you better let him out”.

Today there are still several vintage Prince Albert tobacco tins out there including Tin plates, pen knives, signs and advertising posters. The value of this memorabilia can vary quite a bit with hard to find items be sought after most. Commemorative plates have been known to sell at auction for as much as $1,000-$5,000. Most Prince Albert tobacco tins (the red ones) can be purchase for around $10 each.

There was a vintage poster that had Chief Joseph, a Nez Perce Indian Chief on it. This large tin sign measuring 22 x 28 pictured both Chief Joseph and a Prince Albert tobacco tin recently sold at auction for $8,400 thus proving Prince Albert tobacco is no joke.

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