What Separates a Good Tobacco Shop Online from Mediocre Brands?

Windy City Cigars have been a great tobacco shop since we opened our digital doors over ten years ago. We have over five hundred plus positive reviews on BizRate, where we care deeply about our customers, offer great low prices, have a huge inventory of tobacco products and premium cigars and accessories.

Most important we are not another me too brand selling tobacco products online. We manufacture, distribute and resell our own tobacco product. Our OHM Natural Tobacco comes in just about any size of bag you need, it’s got a distinctive flavor that’s been blended by our founder and a team of tobacconists.

Here are Five of our Top Premium Cigars that Complement our Natural Ohm Pipe Tobacco

Excalibur Cigars are a handcrafted product, made with the finest Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers and a Connecticut binder. It’s truly a full flavored smoke without a lot of nasty bite like some of its competitors and many cigar aficionados consider the Excalibur Cigar to be the best Honduran cigar ever made, as it uses the a choice tobacco from the “Hoyo de Monterreay tobacco fields and it’s aged well, ensuring a good smoking experience.

Montecristo Habanos is one of the best know premium cigars in the world, originating in Cuba, the Dominican Montecristo is now made by hand in the Dominican Republic. It’s considered one of the finest premium cigars on the market today, with a full bodied yet sweet aroma and impeccable construction, ensuring a great smoke. 

Jack with an Excalibur Cigar in his mouth

The Montecristo Habanos is known by its distinctive yellow box, the cigar has a sleek appearance, with a silky texture that feels great in your hand, coupled with a beautiful golden wrapper that ensures a perfect burning experience. It truly is a must have premium cigar that should have a front and center appearance in your humidor.

The Alec Bradley Coyol is a classic premium cigar inspired by the old school classic Tampa cigars that were popular in the the U.S. in the early 20th century. It’s a mild to medium blended cigar using a recipe comprised of aged Nicaraguan Estell and Condega long fillers, with a Nicaraguan Jalapa binder wrapped in a sleek Honduran grown Connecticut wrapper.

it’s got a creamy taste that’s rich and complex, with great balance and cedar notes that deliver a unique nutty flavor with hints of a wood finish – put this stick in your humidor and you’ve made a direct connection with cigar smokers who helped to establish the cigar industry in the Americas “back in the day.”

La Finca Cigars have been hand made in Estell Nicaragua since 1972; it’s a full body cigar with a nutty, naturally sweet flavor and it’s aggressively priced too and comes in economical bundles. It’s consistently well rated by the Cigar Aficionado site and publication and we’ve sold tens of thousands of these premium cigars the last ten years – it’s a consistent favorite with our customers.

First light of this stick reveals a good consistent draw, at times you may find some imperfections in the seams though, but you are getting a lot of cigar for what you pay, with a consistent no surprises taste with a clear finish.

The Optimo Cigar is a great machine made cigar, the company was founded in the late 1800’s originally made with Cuban tobacco. Fast forward to today, the brand has blended short fillers from four different countries and they are available in peach, honey, icy mint and rum flavors.

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A Great Cigar Wrapper

A cigar wrapper is an object of utmost importance when it comes to experiencing a fine cigar. Before choosing and actually smoking a cigar, it’s important to understand how various wrappers affect the smoking experience and flavor.

Four Popular Premium Cigar Wrappers: 

  • Oscuro: These special wrappers are made of tobacco leaves that adorn the tip of the actual plant. Oscuro wrappers are very dark, some actually say they’re black, and can seem quite harsh.
  • Double Claro: This wrapper has a sweet taste, thus ensuring that the entire experience of indulging in a fine cigar is more pleasant.
  • Colorado: The Colorado wrapper is colored in brown with some red shades and it is cultivated in shade, thus leading to a thinner leaf.
  • Claro: Differing from the Double Claro, this wrapper has a light tan color with shades of brown, actually resembling the Colorado.
  • Maduro: The color palette for this type of wrapper ranges from brown to black. The Maduro wrapper offers a sublimely smooth taste.

Thanks for visiting our web site and we hope we underscored what makes a great online tobacco shop. If you have any questions about our company, tobacco products or premium cigars please call our toll free number or reach out via our Facebook page or contact form.

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