Top Best Three Manual Cigarette Machines

Top Best Three Manual Cigarette Machines

Owning the best cigarette rolling machine is undoubtedly the desire of most smokers, and this article is to help you choose the best product. Of course, a versatile Ryo machine will not only save you cool sums of money, but it will also add to the fun of smoking; this is what I call putting your money where your mouth is!

But there is a problem, or should I say it is tough to pick from so many cigarette rolling machines on the market. The relief here is that we have the expert knowledge to choose the best one for you, and as you continue reading, you will find three manual cigarette rolling machines you can buy with confidence!

What is a manual cigarette rolling machine?

Before the advancement in RYO technology for smokes, we do the rolling by hand. Later, a mechanical device was made to ease how we roll. The cigarette rolling devices that you don’t need electricity to operate are manual RYO machines. They come in different makes, brands, and designs. The device is constructed to replace the hand rolling of cigarettes and helps to roll more sticks of smoke faster.

Why do you need a manual cigarette rolling machine?

Since you need no electricity to use a manual cigarette rolling machine, it is convenient for smokers. You can choose to go with your manual RYO machine to the camp or an expedition in the mountains or the sea; you are good to go any time you need to smoke. The manual rolling machines are in different designs. Some are tabletop models, while others are portable palmtops. These machines are sturdy and easy to use anywhere you feel like rolling your smoke.

Meet our three best manual cigarette rolling machines

Indeed, you have unlimited choices of manual smoke makers, but experienced smokers prefer to have the best device for ease of making their smoke. Let’s look at the three best we like to recommend for their versatility.

Top O-Matic manual cigarette RYO machine

The Top-O-Matic manual smoke machine is a top dog in the industry. Very cool to use and preferred for its sturdiness. You can roll king-size and 100 mm sizes of smoke. The reason this machine is considered among the top choices is its robustness. The lever runs smooth, and the injector system is perfect for rolling straight and well-formed smokes.

Talk of easy maintenance, ease of use, and versatility. Any smoker will find this piece of equipment a handy buddy to roll at any time. Although it makes a cigarette at a time, it’s fast to make thanks to the machine!


  • Steel construction. Top-O-Matic manual rolling machine is bulky, and you may find it a bit heavy because of the steel construction. But that is the catch; the steel ensures the device is not easily broken or gets damaged by abuse or frequent use.
  • Storage chambers. It offers a smooth surface for the herbs to pass through for the smooth operation of the machine.
  • Ease of use. The lever is smooth running, and filling in the stuffing hole is straight to the tube filler where you collect your smoke.
  • Easy to clean. Top-O-Matic offers a surprisingly easy way to clean the machine after use.


    • Supports all types of tobacco
    • Has a blade that cuts the herbs evenly
    • Easy to clean out

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SHop Top O Matic


It’s a newer version of our first manual rolling machine, the Top-O-Matic. It’s very much like its older brother but smaller and nicer in design. The device comes in a compact size of 9.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches which makes it easy to carry and handy to use.

It’s a manually operated cigarette rolling machine preferred by people who love something small and handy. The preference is because it supports cigarettes anywhere, and when you can’t help to make smoke, this machine will be there for you.

Top-O-Matic T2 makes 84mm, and 100 mm smokes, and you can change to your preferred size on the speed with its speed lock system. It uses the cigarette injector system, which requires you to attach the RYO tube to the end provided and push the lever to inject the tobacco, and your smoke is ready.


    • Non-Slip mat bottom. improved grip design
    • Precision-engineered loading system. Designed for heavy-duty use
    • Speed-lock system. Can change from King Size to 100mm speedily
    • Chrome coating. It’s stylish and rustproof
    • Built-in tobacco tray. Helps to load faster and cleaner
    • Industrial grade steel. Well-built, one-piece steel construction
    • Welded stainless steel nozzle. Sturdy and durable


    • Small but reliable
    • Makes 84mm and 100mm sizes of smokes
    • Sturdy and durable
    • Stylish and beautiful

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Mikromatic Rolling Machine (King)

It’s a tabletop injector-designed manual cigarette rolling machine, easy and faster to use. The tool is made from precision engineering to deliver high-quality cigarettes. It’s a product of Top-O-Matic and builds on the quality industry experience of the versatile cigarette equipment maker.

MikrOmatic measures 8.5 x 7 x 4 inches, making it smaller in size than its brother, Top-O-Matic T2. However, the size does not affect its versatile operation and the quality of the smokes produced. The machine is built with a non-skid mat to ensure it stays in place when in use. It has a holding tray to keep your herbs safe when making smokes to avoid messing up your tabletop.

The product is made from chrome-coated quality steel for durability and strength. It is a heavy-duty smoke maker that can last as long as you want it.


    • Precision engineered loading system
    • Welded stainless steel nozzle
    • Chrome coating
    • Easy to hold the handle
    • Industrial grade steel
    • No-slip mat bottom
    • Built-in tobacco tray


    • Reliable manual device
    • Sturdy and quality build
    • Makes king size smokes

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Comparison of our three best manual rolling machines




Cigarette size

Ease of use






King size or 100 mm

Very Easy



TOP-O-Matic T2



84 mm and 100mm

Very easy






King size or 100 mm

Very east




Rolling your own smoke is fun if you have the best machine to roll with, and picking any of the products listed above will make you happy. Visit our machines store now to find out more.