What mistakes to avoid when rolling your own tobacco

What mistakes to avoid when rolling your own tobacco

Rolling your own cigarette is the most exhilarating experience in smoking. You are not only saving money, but you are simply putting your money where your mouth is. But, without being careful, you could be making mistakes that could turn out costly.

Rolling your own tobacco may look simple, but it needs learning to do it right. You need to know how to RYO after you bought the best rolling papers and the finest tobacco. Don’t worry; this discussion will point out a few mistakes to avoid in RYO if you are a beginner.

It is essential to know beforehand, these mistakes before you start rolling. So, if you like to learn how to roll, check this article. I would suggest you check RYO information later while we enjoy this discussion without any distractions.

For this discussion, we shall be looking at eight mistakes people make when rolling tobacco. It would help if you were careful not to make these mistakes, so you don’t ruin your precious stick.

Shall we begin?

Poor maintenance of your rolling machine

Your rolling machine needs to be in an optimum state of cleanliness. You need to, especially, take care of the various areas, including the space for holding your tobacco filling when rolling. It is not ideal to have the remnant of the last tobacco in the holes. The mistake here is leaving these crumbs in the space while filling up fresh smoke may mess up your efforts. In the process of rolling another stick, you will find that the machine will be clogged, and hard to eject your smoke. Think of your rolling machine as any instrument, it needs proper maintenance and cleaning before using.

Not following the rolling guidelines before starting to roll

Being overconfident in using your new rolling machine is a mistake. You might be a veteran smoker, and you have used a couple of rolling machines before. However, you should note that any new device is an improvement on the last one and will have unique features that you need to learn. Proceeding to use a new machine without learning how to use it could land you in serious trouble. It’s best to take your time to read the user manual and follow experts’ advice on the use before jumping in to start rolling. You will find users’ guidelines on various rolling machines we sell on Windy City Cigar to help you learn.

Not keeping your tobacco fresh by not sealing the container properly after use

This mistake is common with most RYO enthusiasts, and you have to pay close attention. Tobacco leaf for rolling needs to maintain a certain level of moisture and dryness, and this is why it’s kept tightly sealed when you bought it. But after you opened to roll, the mistake is often to forget to seal it properly. When you leave the seal unlocked, you allow too much air into it and would mess with the quality and freshness.

Overpacking the tobacco into the rolling machine

The most mistake beginners make rolling their cigarettes is over-cramming their tobacco. Doing this makes it difficult to achieve smooth and hitch-free smoke. Don’t overstuff the filling space with too many herbs to prevent jamming the rolling process and messing up your rolling efforts. For easy RYO, you need to learn the difference between optimum filling and overstuffing.

Rushing while rolling

Another beginner’s mistake is getting carried away by the fun of RYO and rushing the rolling process. I think the best part of rolling your own tobacco is the fun of making your smoke; take your time to enjoy the process. Pay close attention to each step of the rolling process. Even such a task of opening your tobacco container needs proper care to avoid mistake number 3 above. Take time from the start- cutting or grinding your tobacco; make sure it is finely done. Similarly, fit in the filter correctly and ensure other processes are followed with precision and detail.

Not avoiding tiny tobacco sticks

The rolling machine is for finely cut herbs, and you should never allow the tiny sticks of the smoke to get in the way. Before filling your rolling machine with tobacco, carefully examine your herbs so that it’s fine enough for easy and smooth smoking. Carefully remove any tiny sticks in the herb and sort them out. You could grind the herbs further if you think it might disturb the rolling process.

Not using a sturdy filter tip

When your smoke filter tip isn’t sturdy enough, it makes it difficult for the rolling machine to push efficiently. To avoid this mistake, it pays to buy the right smoke rolling papers as the types you will find here. For the best rolling, it is crucial to have a sturdy filter tip to hold up your roll correctly. A squeezed or broken filter tip will mess up the roll and ruin the fun of RYO. Therefore, we suggest you buy your rolling accessories from a reliable source.

Not buying the legitimate cigarette casing

After a successful RYO, the last mistake that can ruin all the efforts you have put into rolling your smoke is storing your smoke in the wrong casing. The average smokers make about ten sticks of smoke at a go. It would help by keeping your smokes in a legitimate cigarette casing. But an improper cigarette casing will mess up your smokes.

Bonus: RYO Steps Using Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine

Hey, I am feeling happy and think a few tips on how to roll would be a good bonus for you.

Surprised? Don’t be! You know Windy City Cigar always got your back. We love to have you do it right and safely.

  • Rotate Hand Crank to Open Position
  • Pinch Tobacco
  • Fill the Chamber
  • Align the Filter Tube
  • Hold and Crank
  • Pack Cigarette
  • Store it in a proper casing


Mistakes are part of our everyday life, and the only way to avoid them is to be aware of them and learn how to prevent them. Rolling your own smoke is the best thing to happen to any smoker, but you need to do it right to enjoy the fun. When you make any of these mistakes, it will ruin the fun and make rolling your own cigarette a hell of a job.

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