Jack Nicholson Cigar Lover

Jack Nicholson Cigar Lover

One of the greatest actors of all time Jack Nicholson is not only a lead actor but also a leading cigar lover.

The wildest man in Hollywood, Jack has been a lead actor in several all-time classic movies such as Easy Rider, The Shining, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Chinatown, Anger Management, A Few Good Men, and many more.

When Jack isn’t making you laugh, or scaring you half to death he is enjoying a fine cigar. One of his favorite cigars is the Macanudo Maduro. He became a regular cigar smoker in the early 1990s taking up the habit to wean him off his cigarette addiction.

Smoking cigarettes since he was a kid Jack felt a need to quit, and many times found himself smoking half a pack while golfing and realized he could light a cigar during his round and cut back.

Cuban cigars are sold in Canada and Jack filmed the movie The Last Detail there and became hooked. He wishes the US would lift its embargo on Cuban cigars for all Americans. In the meantime, he finds time to smoke a good Romeo j Julietas while working in the United States.

Keep up the great work Jack and we will celebrate with a premium cigar to one of the greatest leading actors and cigar lovers of all time.

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